DebConf11 in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

March 1, 2010

This moment has finally arrived! Last Saturday (27-th) on #debconf-team decision was made, DebConf11 is coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina!  :victory:

Our team and myself were working on this whole candidature for last ~9 months, and even though we put incredibly amounts on energy, hard work, enthusiasm and everything else that goes along with it, suspense and uncertainty were there until the very last minute!  One of our local team members (trip0d’s) wife almost gave a birth to their child gave birth to twins during the decision process that lasted full 4 hours :clap:

As a remainder we were competing with Ecuador and Germany to win this bid, whole process was excruciating and very emotionally distressful in every possible aspect for every team member; at one point Germany took a slight lead ahead of Bosnian team, while in the end by “points” Bosnia was in slight lead by 0.25 points, and this is exactly what touched me the most about this whole bid/decision/process.

This is not a great advantage or anything for that matter, but what happened is that in decision process Debian debconf team and its developers picked Bosnia and Herzegovina as a place where they want to have DebConf11!  Our main competitors from München, Germany showed a real fair play and at the end even yielded to our side; really to both of you, Michael Banck (azeem) and Andreas Barth (aba) it was a pleasure and honor to compete with you guys! :highfive: See you in NYC for proper handshake and possibly a hug? :P

Also I’d like to thank Jimmy Kaplowitz (Hydroxide), Moray Allan (moray) who had chairs and who did absolutely incredible job … I guess I’ll just have to thank the whole debconf orga team for all their amazing work ( can’t name names individually because I’ll definitely forget someone!)

This bid really reunited whole Bosnia and Herzegovina, this whole process also united all of Balkans and whole of Ex Yugoslavia, which makes me especially happy since today (March 1st) we are celebrating the day we officially separated from Yugoslavia. Now this just one small step forward, since the real work is ahead of us and we’re starting it all as soon as tomorrow since there’s really a lot that needs to be done.

Again thank you all, we’ll give our best for this to be a DebConf you’ll remember (as a great one of course!), in the meantime see you in New York City!

Adnan Hodzic aka AbsintheSyringe team leader on behalf of whole debconf11-team.

DebConf11 Banja Luka wiki

Debconf11 decision log (#debconf-team log)

DebConf11; nü Banja Luka wiki

February 25, 2010

Almost all of wiki contents got updated, so please take your time to review it all, once again :heh:

“nü” was more of a symbolic meaning, since in meantime we solved our bids “weakest links” and pretty much got it “mature” and at the stage we were aiming it to be. We’ll still make some minor changes to it until the final decision date (in 47 hours) but this is it really :party: So without further ado, let me introduce you to our nü wiki :announce: Since besides changing pretty much the whole wiki we have also added (important) new pages for:

Banja Luka and Republika Srpska

We have added a new pages to bring Banja Luka and Republika Srpska closer to every potential visitor.

Full Government Support

Today we have received the most important information when it comes to our bid. Today government council sitting was done, where one of the topics was full financial support in case Banja Luka is host to DebConf11. Proposition was accepted! :dance: To remind you, we will get free venue building wheter it’s “Government Building” or “Banski Dvori”, besides that we’re getting them to cover basically all of the costs needed for the conference, and besides that we’re getting 5 additional members to our local team (highly capable and educated govt. officials) which even includes city Mayor. Early tomorrow we’ll get scan/fax of this memorandum from Chief of Cabinet along with the local team names which will all together be added to this very wiki page.

Local Team

We have almost assembled our local team/supporters team whose members were wisely and thoroughly selected. Since before anything this is Balkans Debconf, and a new breakthrough to a region that has ~55 million inhabitants, we have made connections all over Balkans, especially from Serbia and Belgrade. This page might might “suffer” the biggest changes in next few hours, especially since we still need to add people on behalf of ETF  (Faculty of Electrical Engineering) and Goverment itself.


We have made a separate page for accommodation as well, since we have gathered a whole bunch of new information that just required us to make a new page.


We have made a major breakthrough in Network connectivity and technicalities as well! SARNET – Academic and Research Network of Republic of Srpska has offered us with 1GB link … free as in beer! Please see their Letter of Support/Memorandum, besides that we have Mtel and BHTelecom as our “backup” options.

Besides all that, as I previously noted we made changes throughout wiki page, we have added new contents to fun and free time, as well as to the arrival. Tomorrow with last pages to our local team + govt. support memorandum being added to our wiki … we are ready for the DebConf11 final decision! Remainder, decision is being made in 47 hours on #debconf-team on; please come and support us for being host to DebConf11! :fingersxd:

Bosnia and Herzegovina FTW! :victory:


February 23, 2010

Every winter … I just get incredibly damp and … depressed :wilt:

Well this year, I’ve found an ultimate remedy + stress “reliever” since I’m all jumpy around DebConf11 decision coming around this Saturday :fingersxd: So to whoever has the same problem during winter … take your board/skies (whatever your fix is) and hit the mountains! This weekend I went to Bosnian “Olympic” mountain Jahorina; couple of days later … stress free, depression free and ready for new challenges, in the meantime I’ll let pictures talk for themselves ;)

My friend and I

more “Jahorina”

Life without evolution

January 31, 2010

I’m using Gnome as my default DE after my KDE4 dissapointment, however what’s bothering me for some time now is that I have to “live” with applications that I don’t even use or like for that matter. So why “live” with those? Well if I try to remove some of those applications it’ll want to “pull down” my whole DE along with them, however I couldn’t believe solution was so simple.

Applications I don’t want to live with are: evolution, epiphany, empathy, ekiga, liferea, gnome-accessibility and couple of others. Step 1 might seem as it wants to remove “whole” DE, but it all it wants is gnome-desktop-environment which is meta/dummy package so don’t worry.

Step 1:

sudo apt-get remove epiphany epiphany-browser-data epiphany-data empathy 
empathy-doc libempathy30 libempathy-common libempathy-gtk28 liferea 
liferea-data evolution ekiga gok dasher orca gnome-accessibility evolution-common evolution-data-server 

Step 2:

sudo aptitude keep-all

Step 3:

After you’re done, you can use sudo apt-get autoremove or sudo aptitude -f install just so you can see it won’t “force” you later on to remove any other deps.

Yea, that was it …

Lone developer

January 7, 2010

I’ve been around Debian for some time, however am not a “official” Debian Developer and I can’t become “overnight” because country I live in (Bosnia) and I have no one to sign my key. I doubt I could easily do it in Croatia or Serbia my neighboring countries. This is definitely another reason why I’m pursuing to have DebConf11 in Balkans (read: Bosnia).

I didn’t get my key signed on DebConf9 since I hesitated whether to keep my old DSA 768 bit key or not. However by the end of this month I’m planning to visit some friends on TUWIEN and planing to meet up with some DD from Vienna and get my key signed. Btw I’d like to use this opportunity to call all DD residing in Vienna (Rhonda?) to contact me :)

So what am talking about after all? Thunderbird 3.0 was released 29 ago, Icedove 3.0 is in experimental but only arm and i386 arch. and I’m using amd64. … After I kept bothering nice people at #debian-buildd they told me to make my own, and once I built my own I don’t have permissions to upload it to ftp-mater … there’s no sense I upload it through mentors …

So I’m making my Icedove amd64 packages available if you want them:


I didn’t even change the maintainer name, I kept it all as original package, except it’s now available for amd64 architecture, hopefully we’ll see these on Debian servers as well :)