School started …

October 5, 2007

School = university, started. This was my first week, for those who didn’t know I transfered from old shitty university to the new one (really expensive, so that’s the reason I (am and I will be) busy, and pretty much (I think) blog absent.

If you ask me, everything in IT world at this moment kind of stopped … so there’s really nothing to write about. All I’m waiting for released of Sony Ericsson W960 … talking about phones I should write a new “top mobile games” post, New York Nights successor Miami Nights has been released. Besides that I got my hands on Metal Slug, Resident Evil … so on.aiting for Firefox 3.0 (which I got my hands while in alpha) and KDE 4.0. KDE 4, I’ll post a post about this tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

So that’s all folks, here’s some of the screens of what I’m actually doing during class :)

Of course I got caught (duh), I return him his password and I got my phear dosage :)

Eyeglasses vs Contact lenses from geek point of view

September 20, 2007

This is just my opinion, all you Slackware users … just stick to glasses and skip this post :)

Losing my eyesight … well I’d say it started some 2 years ago, I just didn’t pay too much attention to it. I go see a Ophthalmologists (let’s call him an eye doctor from now on), he gives me my diopter , I go to the first store and get my eyeglasses, note my first virgin eyeglasses.

Also please note that when I was getting them (my frames), my comment on which pair do I like was: “I don’t give a fuck” So I got my pair, also please note that there aren’t any normal eyeglasses frames nowdays! I wasn’t looking anything … “extravagant” I was just looking for a normal eyeglasses frame. Geeky ones were stolen by Emo population. Really geeky ones were just … your grandfather style of glasses were the only normal choice if you wanted normal frames. So this is the most “normal” frame I think I could pick.

So here’s my problem with eyeglasses. My first problem with eyeglasses is that, ok let’s talk about evolution, glasses were invented in 1284. That’s 723 years ago, ok … a lot happened in the meantime, seriously a lot. Contact lenses have gone from being hard glass to soft and are nearly invisible. So what has changed in 723 years regarding glasses? Nothing, except frames getting changed, all thanks to our so great fashion!

Regarding, all the glasses frames look? Honest? I’m a Linux user (read male), so I’m prolly looking stupid in those glasses, but I don’t care. Unlike Windows users (read females), who get really upset for looking bad.

However that is something else bothering me with our beautiful fashion! Of course it’s the frames style, why? Because if I wanted to see that bird that just wasted my head, I’ll gave to tilt my head up. I keep tripping, why? Because I have tilt my head down to see where I’m going. Same goes for looking in any of the sides, therefor I’ll just call todays frames the owl.

So your eyesight is …
Also just picture yourself, watching your eyeglasses shots, few years later.

Second problem is that, our modern (huh?) looking frames (mine are made of metal) usually get crooked. I had to keep twisting them back, all the time. This gets really annoying over time.

Third problem is that, I had to keep cleaning my glasses (which were made of plastic, you know in case I get into some kind of fight or something …), glass, plastic it doesn’t matter, is probe to get your or someone else fingerprints on them. So yea it’ll keep you busy cleaning them.

I could really go on, since I really have nothing good to say about eyeglasses, except primitive and stupid. So I had enough, instead of going and getting myself a new pair of frames, and FYI I seriously was looking if fashion changed at all … hm … yea, it did actually. I was offered same style frames, except that they were orange. Seriously lady offered me those, too bad you weren’t there to hear my comment on that one :)

So I said, I’ll just contact lens. Ok, let’s skip all the … lens are torture part … and all. Contact eyesight is … awesome. Right during my first day I said, “it feels like I got new eyes.” On few occasions when my friends asked me, what I was doing, I said “looking”, and I was looking, literally. I’m not bullshitting you, but at least in my case it’s like world got all those colors again, it got pretty again :)

During first two weeks, it was really ugly, it took me at around 6mins to get lens in, but after I did it I felt great. Yes, we did a lot more evolution, talking about eyes, contacts are not perfect either, but I’m definitely going for LASIK soon enough (read: when I got enough money and know a good LASIK surgeon).

So right now I’m sticking to my lenses. Even tho sometimes it doesn’t feel the greatest being in the dark in front of computer screen, then I just use glasses, but going outside? World seriously looks good.

Slackware to Debian switch, final?

September 17, 2007

This is going to be a rather long post, so I suggest you go get yourself a cup of coffee/beer/cigarette’s or whatever your fix is.

Last year, since I got this new notebook, I pretty much became a real distro slut. It was pretty much all because of the bleeding edge hardware you had and bleeding edge software that was around, Fedora … Mandriva. Don’t get me wrong, Slackware (any distro) can do those things too, but it’s just … to much pain in the ass.

Long story short, I always returned home, to Slackware that is. Now I think that may not be the case, since I’m already on Debian for a month now, and it’s not annoying me at all. My previous Debian experiences were mostly server based, whole philosophy was something close to reading Nietzsche, but once you got it figured … you like it, a lot :)

Of course, this was all caused by “domino effect” that was generated for almost a year, then plus DebConf experience … plus Slackware and Debian development differences … and lot more.

Debian and Slackware differences, installation

Well, I remember in Edinburgh, that I just got stuck in KDE – Gnome relationship. No offense to Gnome users, but I just can’t stand Gnome. Back in the day when I was a RedHat, I swore in name of RedHat and in name of Gnome. From those times, a lot has changed.

First, I was pissed that I couldn’t choose which Desktop Environment I’d like to use, I don’t want Gnome at all. Day after or something like that, “sapphire” told me I could do what I wanted in “expert install”, I didn’t find what I was looking for. What I would basically need to do is, intall KDE on my Gnome environment.

This would be fine … partially, for one reason, when I wanna do something my way I want it my way, so first thing I install Debian and boot it, Gnome is the last thing I wanna see. But I knew there had to be some kind of workaround. Another reason that pisses me off is when I see KDE DE in its unnatural environment. What I mean by that is when I see KDE, and there’s only “Trash” icon on the desktop. Even tho this … is yea call it stupid, but I from that point you know that something has been altered.

Second thing I noticed is that time would always be wrong, even tho I would set it to use ntp, time would be correct, but once you “pull the plug” time would be wrong again. Gotta give credit to both “gomez” and “sapphire” since they partially helped solving the issues, “sapphire” for telling me that KDE could be done in “expert” and “gomez” for telling me time could be fixed by setting right time in BIOS.

And yes, before I forget, we spent our first AM hours since we got there doing what? Upgrading and Downgrading Debian on my machine, and vice versa in all possible ways. In the end I was left with “Sid” (Read: “unstable development version of Debian”) of course, which in relation with Slackware latest stable, hell even Slackware current was really unstable!

Back to Slackware

There was a lot of those minor things that just annoyed the hell out of me. Mostly because things are done bit differently on Slackware. But during my stay on DebConf, I stayed on Debian the whole time, wishing I brought Slackware .iso with me. But first thing I did when I got home is went back on Slackware. What made things worse is that Slackware 12.0 is the greatest Slackware too me, so going back to Debian wasn’t so simple.

But DebConf7 Debian usage left its mark on me. First sign, I was already too tired of compiling 20 libs in order to get my final application working. What to do? Well apply everything you saw on Debian “culture” to Slackware. Get into Slackware development the most you can or whatever. Which I did, but there’s always a but. I’d like to compare this whole “transition” with my Opera to Firefox switch.

I used Opera for years, it was just good for me, tried Firefox, saw it was good … but Opera was way better, Firefox only gave me headache. Until, I tried coming to development border to closes I could. After reading that Opera wouldn’t benefit from releasing it’s source under GPL, and when Opera development went to hell, that is selling their asses for money, I quit.


Same happened with Slackware – Debian. Slackware was so fine, but there was just something left to discover with Debian. In those few days, I would literally switch from Slackware to Debian, and from Debian to Slackware in just few hours. And it would go on like that, until I was left without bandwidth (now I’m on flat, much slower connection speed, but it’s flat), stuck on Debian Etch DVD’s if I needed any additional software or anything. Job opportunity jumped in the meantime, no time to think what you’re on, just do your part of work.

Once I was done with the work, I realized this Debian isn’t that bad at all. Nothing crashed or anything. After I got my bandwidth, I even though of staying on Etch, but I moved to Lenny, only app. so far crashing is Ktorrent. And there were times when I actually needed to compile my kernel, until I figured some “Debian way” tricks. Because I’d feel much better compiling my kernel on Slackware rather then Debian.

Final switch

I’ll just end this post here, because I could go on and on. After each problem solved, there would be another problem, and I’d find a Debian way of handling it. And here’s a hint for all of you KDE users who want just KDE without Gnome at all.

How to get just KDE? During the installation process, do not install “Desktop Environment” at all! Once your install is completed, you’ll be left with good old console. Being a Slacker it wont eat you. You’ll need to install xorg-server. If it helps here’s how I did my X situation.

apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-i810 xfonts-100dpi xfonts-75dpi xfonts-scalable msttcorefonts mesa-utils ttf-bitstream-vera

And I got my X, then I needed my KDE, again if it helps, just do what I did below.

apt-get install kde kde-core

OR, just go along with Debian KDE iso (

And that was it, you had xorg, with KDE on the spot. Yea of course, KDE was nothing compared to other problems I had, ah yes, from cpu overheating to 10 others that were serious problems.

I still didn’t make a final switch, but so far I’m sticking to Lenny, there are still notebooks in this same house that are still under Slackware, but my default machine is under Debian for good for now. Only problem could be getting close to Debian development border (and I seriously think about coming near it in future), but since I saw Debian development model, I like it … so I think this was it for me.

In case any of you Slackers or whoever, got problems getting on Debian (but you wanna), I’d appreciate if you don’t email me, but just post your question/problem in the comments below this post, so others can see a solution to it too.

21.09.2007 Update

How ironic, just few days after my switch, I’m a reiserfs fanboy, so I went with reiserfs on Debian too, and here 2-3 days after this post, my root reiserfs partition get’s ruined, unrecoverable. How did this happen? Last night my system wouldn’t wake up back from hibernate, so while it was trying to boot it for 10mins, I just hard rebooted. Once it booted back, Grub Error 16, figured my root partition has issues, fsck, reiserfsck couldn’t do anything.

This is second issue with Debian and reiserfs, at last the ones I exerienced. And I remember on DebConf during my first install, when I said I want reiserfs, to just stick to ext3. This may sound absurd, but same as I read (not heard) that ext3 is much slower on Ubuntu that it really is, all thanks to Ubuntu itself. Filesystem is a filesystem I know, but I think I’m going for ext3 this time. I just can’t allow myself to have this same very episode.

Also this was my first chance to use “installgui –tasks=standard, kde-desktop” … thanks “ted” but I had no luck with it. Instead of going through my usual routine of not installing DE at all and then installing KDE afterwards, I just went with getting a Debian KDE ISO cd.

Heh, yes when this first happened of course I thought of Slackware, but … Debian and APT have crawled under my skin already … so … I’ve been through worse scenarios to have this one put me down.

If we can count all this to one, it’s not that bad, actually it’s good this happened. Mostly because I’ll just simply use Debian KDE iso, second it was only my root fs that died, my home (all the data) partition is safe. But in case I switch to ext3, I’m moving my home partition to it too.

WTF is what the fuck?

September 15, 2007

I haven’t posted anything in 20 days (only, I really though ages passed …)

I was kind of in a … havoc; So in those 20 days, right I just realized that I just might have interesting life … I mean, well first after years of Slackware, I think I definitely switched to Debian. That has been put into drafts, I’m writing about it, also I switched from glasses to lenses, that is also one nice draft over there, (see the pattern? Debian, lenses … getting bling bling. Yes, I am growing a vagina)

Oh yes, almost forgot, Adnan Hodzic, almost killed his alter ego AbsintheSyringe, that bastard. That was an interesting trip, I guess I could write about that too, for most part, when was the last time you tried moving your inbox from few mb to maybe few gb’s? Graphical tools, such as Thunderbird (IceDove), Kmail, definitely fail in backing up those.

So, basically instead of killing AbsintheSyringe, I decided I kill this bastard that’s living inside of me, my beer belly. We’ll see how long it’ll last, but I actually started getting more into the whole healthy life scene. And I’ll definitely respect my decision, as long as I don’t get wasted tonight. I think I got a plan for that one too.

So far, I also worked this project … I think it was for government of this “not on map” country. But I think I’m getting fucked over, in case I really do get fucked … I think I got somewhat effective backup plan.

Both Cisco and my NEW University are starting in October, in 15days.

I also gotta change this avatar picture :)

Slackware 12.0 + ipw3945

August 5, 2007

I still see these questions being asked, so let’s solve it once for all.

Mount Slackware 12 dvd, go to /extras, copy intel-wlan-ipw3945 somewhere on your disk. Or if you don’t have Slackware 12 dvd, just get it off the web.

Version of kernel of this and that, it doesn’t matter, for example I did this on

Remove ieee80211. If not, just remove while installing/upgrading new ieee80211

1) Install the ieee80211 subsystem
#tar zxvf ieee and the -1.2.17.tar.gz
#cd ieee80211-1.2.17
#make install

2) Install kernel modules
#tar zxvf ipw3945-1.2.1.tar.gz
#cd ipw3945-1.2.1
#make install

3) Copy the firmware to the right place
#tar xzvf ipw3945-ucode-1.14.2.tgz
#cd ipw3945-ucode-1.14.2
#cp ipw3945.ucode /lib/firmware

d) Compile the daemon
#tar xzvf ipw3945d-1.7.22.tgz
#cd ipw3945d-1.7.22

If you have a x86 processor

#cd x86 (else cd x86_64)

#cp ipw3945d /sbin

Now make sure the ieee80211 the ipw3945 modules are
loaded by the kernel. There is an utility in the
ipw3945-1.2.1 directory called ‘load’ that will do just that, but
it also can be (and should be) accomplished by

#modprobe ieee80211
#modprobe ipw3945

or, simply

#modprobe ipw3945 (this will load the ieee80211).

and start the daemon


To load automatically every time you boot your box:

cd /etc/rc.d
vim rc.local
modprobe ipw3945

That’s all folks