Vmware working, not working after reboot – Debian Lenny/Testing

February 20, 2008 – 9:31 am by Adnan Hodzic

Vmware is always giving me hard time. Just a recent one not working on 2.6.22.x kernels, now ... mayhem. I did turn my whole system up and down, last week, in one week I went over all desktop enviroments for Linux, at least all of the "mainstream" ones. Back to the topic, I would install it, I even followed my own instructions, but no help.  What the thing would do is that after configuring it, and it all works just fine, after eventual reboot, it would say it needs to be configured again. Man was this annoying. Some said, update to latest version, others said this and that. In the end I just said I'll sleep on it and fix it in the morning :) So, for the fact I knew "not_configured" that was pulling out those same message to configure it over and over again. Ok, configuring it after each reboot, well ...

FoolControl one month later

February 14, 2008 – 11:52 am by Adnan Hodzic

As it goes or whole "system" itself, this is final v1.0 release. I'll talk about bugs in one second. Last month on 14th, I started this whole "foolcontrol" thing, and for 1 month period, all I can say is that ... yea I'm very pleased with the "results". Most of visitors come from North America and Europe. Windows is still leading OS with 51.20%, while Linux comes second with 34.82%. As for browsers, Firefox is defeinte leader with 40.36% while IE comes in third with 19.64% :) Average would be 27.9 unique visits for day, so for a blog yea that's good. As for the bugs, there was one people like to complain about, and that one is that poll its result, actually everything regarding it, text would be just ... "jagged" or screwed if you wish. So I just did a fix today. As it comes to another "big" bug. Konqueror on ...

White dreadlocks

February 9, 2008 – 1:43 pm by Adnan Hodzic

Besides my everyday problems (either becoming debian or fedora developer :) ) Another big thing is troubling me. I feel like it's really important to discuss and end this discussion once for all. And I have no intention of hurting anyone or anything. And I'd really like you to comment on this post, I really want to hear your opinion related to this topic. Ok here's the story, as many of you may know I used to have dreadlocks, I "lost" them due to life threating accident. So now 3 or what years later ... I'm tired of shaving my head, hair or no hair, 1 or 0. So I'm thinking of just letting my hair naturally get tangled and eventually ending up in dreadlocks. But now, I'm actually getting the second thoughts. First time I was basically a teenager, had 18-19 years when I had them done (I did/made them myself). ...

Emails from @foolcontrol.org marked as junk?

February 5, 2008 – 3:07 pm by Adnan Hodzic

Yesterday I got a respond that emails that were sent from @foolcontrol email accounts would end up in "junk" folder on hotmail. Fact that Microsoft obviously dislikes me and what I'm doing here on foolcontrol are rather obvious :P For Gmail and rest of the crowd, emails sent from foolcontrol are not marked as spam/junk. Since I know for a fact that none of the guys is using their accounts for spam, spf record is added to the domain, and we'll see how this goes. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Perfect Compiz-Fusion install (Debian testing)

February 1, 2008 – 3:20 pm by Adnan Hodzic

Well, I had stories with beryl/compiz 3g desktop in general, just go on and search blog if you wanna. Anyways, last time I used compiz-fusion was sometime in late October 2007, I was just devastated with its bugs, so I removed it. Same happened with all of my previous 3d desktop experience. This was performed on Debian Lenny/Testing, KDE 3.5.8, on Intel 945GM So I installed it yesterday, my first impression was ... well this is getting better. I mean I just had feeling that it just wont crash and explode :) That's the kind of feeling I had before. Many bugs were fixed, but still ... there was a lot of ... well problems. Which I'm just too lazy to go over right now. Since compiz-fusion is in Debian Lenny/testing respiratory, that's the one I was using, anyways, this is what I suggest. Use "shames" compiz-fusion resp, I also tried his ...