Firefox 3

June 17, 2008

Firefox 2, predecessor?

Firefox 3 is coming out today. It’s been more some 1.5 years since I wrote Firefox 2 post. And about a year ago, since I wrote about my first real encounter with Firefox 3.

My stance on on Firefox 2 remains the same, that is I hate it, no personal reason or anything, from my posts linked above you can get to know my true feelings about it.

If it wasn’t for Firefox 2, I’d never even come close to Firefox 3. A month ago or so, I came to the point, where I couldn’t handle Firefox 2 and it crashing, so I was in hunt to change my browser or move to Firefox 3 which at that point was in early beta stage of development.

Browser “sphere”?

So what else was around? What was I aiming for? I’d like to move away from Firefox3 for a second and take a look at the “global” browser scene today.

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Does Openmoko bring freedom to our mobile phones?

June 16, 2008

One of the regulars here on FoolControl (BrencelJ), asked me about my opinion on OpenMoko, that is did it change and what is it after going in depth with details on the whole project, especially after being on Dors/Cluc 2008 in Zagreb, and after listening to Herald Welte lecture, and after talking to him.

This may pull few other topics along with this same very question. One of the founder of whole open source movement (Richard Stallman) disproves owning a mobile phone and I’ll quote: “as he believes the tracking of cell phones creates harmful privacy issues.”

We own our phones, we have them in our possession, but how much do we really own them? Herald used very similiar sentance, if not the same one on the DORS/CLUC conference.

And now some of you may really ask yourself where is this guy really going with this post?

Every single of us has a phone, now it’s really a question how much that phone is really ours. Currently I’m owner of Sony Ericsson W960, but do I have full control over my phone? No I don’t and I’m fully aware of that. Pretty much at any point of some time period, Sony Ericsson itself can access my phone without me even knowing it, and no it’s not paranoia or anything, it’s just raw reality.

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DORS/CLUC 2008 Zagreb

April 27, 2008

OK, so last week I was in Zagreb, attenting DORS/CLUC 2008. The conference + workshop, only lasted 2 days + 1 day workshop, but my friend Vedran (best know for being owner of and myself went there 1 day earlier, and I extended my stay cuz I enjoyed Zagreb so much :)

When it comes to conference, it was absolutely great, most of attention and best lecture was by “Harald Welte” about OpenMoko. I had a nice little chat with him, about it all. Alan Cox was there as well, but to be honest, I expected much more from his “lecture” but that always happens when you get your expentations too high, from anything really.

I’d like to give out a special thanks to Kristijan Zimmer, who was like the main organizator of it all, and who did a great job for all of it, and of course Vlatko Kosturjak :)

What came out good out of this whole thing? Well besides really great time I had in Zagreb, and everything/everybody being so nice to me, conference and both workshop were really great. If I’d like to make a comparison between a big thing such as DebConf and DORS, I’d really give DORS … I’d rate it 9 out 10.

So …

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April 6, 2008

Ok, so this may sound out of sudden, and it did really come out of nowhere. But when I read who’s attending and speaking on this same even (Alan Cox, Harald Welte, Machtelt Garrels etc … etc …) I just had to register and go.

Some other LUGBIH members might be my company, if not … oh well :)

I really hope I’ll get to talk to talk to some people on this same “event”.  I should pretty much spend that whole week in Zagreb, so I’ll make sure I post a fine “summary”

Right now this may sound as a crappy post, cuz I’m tired and it’s 6:23AM.

Stay tuned.

Codename: peacenow | open design

March 26, 2008

This is going to be one long post, I’ll put two months of ideas and work into this post, so … you might want to take it easy. Go grab cup of coffee or something before you start reading it.

Let’s call this introduction

For almost last two months I’ve been doing something … it all started when one of my colleagues actually said “does it have to be that slow” (referring to my boot). And regarding my colleague who doesn’t have any “credit” to make me do this, I talked to few Debian developers, and yea their boot is slow as well. Then later on, all my ideas, because it all was just too … “broad” I actually came up with idea of releasing my own distro (for 10th time) :)

Reasons for making my own distro? Well I was actually not happy how KDE was “handled” within Debian. Of course, please don’t go mad about this now, I know all about separate KDE CD’s, “installgui –tasks=standard, kde-desktop”, heh I even had my own version of getting “default” KDE put on Debian. I could go on and on about this one, so I’ll just stop. So don’t go all “he didn’t that” “he didn’t this”, trust me I know it all about whole “kde situation”.

Some of us actually, just as every other distro (during install) has “choose default desktop environment” we actually thought of putting same thing into Debian. And yea, these ideas have been suggested, and to answer all your questions. I’d refer to “Debian on the Desktop“, part that says it pretty much all is:

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