• Name: Adnan Hodzic
  • Occupation: DevOps Engineer (CV)
  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Social Networking: Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn

Highly creative and persistent technologist, loves challenges and solving the unsolvable.  Goal oriented and always interested in new technologies and computing future in general, believe to have good leadership and management skills. Highly adaptable and am currently exploring world of project management.

Working on Development of Debian and Ubuntu Linux operating systems, part of Debian Java team (working on Eclipse IDE) LXC team, and maintainer of couple smaller packages including Google Earth. DebConf 11 main organizer and team leader.

Bit of biography?

Living and growing up in a place such as Bosnia, it wasn’t easy, especially when it comes to technology and generally availability of the same one. Largest project I got a chance to work on, and something I probably find as my biggest achievement so far is the successful initialization and organization of DebConf11 (Debian Developers Conference) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Back to the topic, I’ve been growing this passion for computers yet in very early age I figured how to mod my “Super Nintendo” so I could play other consoles games.

Later on, came computers, where I of course had to screw everything up to learn something, in 98-99 I first came across my first Linux distro, Caldera 2.0. Of course I didn’t figure anything out, and was too lazy to RTFM. But this did change my life. After Caldera, my “cherry popping” distro was RedHat 6.1.

Around same time I got my hands on the latest “IT hit” Macromedia Flash 4. I was simply amazed, and kept using it until 6/6-MX. I was really successful, I managed a popular personal flash website, with animations and such. I even released a demo of game called “Addict” but never released it, and lost the demo itself due to hosting problems.

Out of frustration to current situation on “market” I decided to open my own free hosting service. Since I already had some linux experience, it was all based on Linux, giving professional service with enormous amounts of webspace and bandwidth. Of course all strictly free, and based on few basic “GNU/Linux” virtues such as “power of community”. Over time this slowly kills my passion for art and animation, due to lack of time as hobby was becoming a serious business.

At the highest point, I was in charge/admin of thousand of  users and couple of dedicated servers. This may not sound anything special, but remember why I started this? Heh, yes host was called Abshost.

This lasted for ~3 years, and it was simply dying out as I started university and as timewise these two were conflicting with one another. I choose university and slowly after that I killed Abshost, because I decided to use that same time for studying and other university related activities.

Eventually I changed my university and right now am a studying Information Technology and Digital Economy at AUBIH/SUNY (Adnan Hodzic in Spotlight) and I’m supposed to graduate in May of 2012. Here I also worked on couple of occasions, first one was network admin/security and later I was lead developer and ahead of creation and implementation of  SIS (student information system) at/for this same university. I was even given scholarship and permanent position here but I declined due to my personal reasons.

I was also a student at CISCO CCNA but eventually stopped as after I reach the very top of something I have a tendency to turn to something else, as I like to explore and do as many things possible and want to concentrate on as many topics as I can. During last few years I did a lot of independent programming work, mostly consisting of setting up LAMP and developing CMS/other systems I was asked for, also during this time I even got to work for some very notable clients and even some governments.

As for GNU/Linux world, I worked on many projects from project such as working on game developer to developing and maintaining packages for distributions such as Slackware. For years now I’ve been contributing to Debian/Ubuntu and am part of Java team where I’m working on Eclipse IDE and maintaining couple of my other “pet” packages.

As previously mentioned, I find DebConf11 to be one of my greatest achievements so far, mostly because it was such huge responsibility and because it working with some many different teams and people varying from artwork team to Government itself.  On top of it all, because it was literally mission impossible and we made it possible.

During this time I was also contacted by Google recruiter regrading software engineer internship but to make a long story short I didn’t make it due to my heavy involvement with DebConf11 and my lack of time (read: fail). So in this case my biggest achievement came in form of two edged sword. But growing up in Bosnia I learned another thing whose literal translation is “who knows what’s that good for”.

Of course what life also thought me is to never give up and to never accept failure as an option, thus I’m currently not accepting any projects and am solely concentrated on graduating from my university. In meantime I want to learn and excell in things I want to do in my future life and my career, of course these basically consist of what I’ve done so far and what I want to in Linux world.

Next year I’m planning to re-apply at Google, different position maybe (product management)? Or I’ll just laugh at what I wrote here as life’s path even if represented as most defined and instructed algorithm can give some very unexpected results. In case you’re interested in some things I said here feel free to ask me more about it over a pint of beer or head over to contact page.



Last update: Feb 21, 2014