I want Xperia X10 Android 2.1 update now!

November 1, 2010 – 5:09 pm by Adnan Hodzic


I bought Xperia X10i this summer during DebConf10 in NYC, I loved this phone from very beginning however what bothered me was that it was still stuck on outdated Android 1.6. To get your own custom Android on it, wasn’t quite possible because no one managed to hack bootloader even though some of the guys at XDA where getting pretty close.

Long story made short, Sony Ericsson has finally release their Android 2.1 update, but made it available only for Nordic region, they explained it all on their blog where they also sent a message for “paranoid” users as they called them. I thought, if I gave it all this time I can wait a little bit longer, but then one of my friends (@sahinovic) gave me a good pointer to go in right direction with using custom ROM, Nordic for example? So this is where I got my idea.

I want 2.1 update now!

Please note steps below will get you Android 2.1 update, but AFAIK you’ll also lose your warranty

1. Root your phone

If you don’t have your phone rooted, this can now be done in single click. Get X10 Root and follow instructions on screen.

2. Edit system/default.prop

Get Root Explorer, mount r/w (upper right corner), edit system/default.prop

Lines you’re concentrating on are 1 and 3

Let’s say they are:


Edit them to look like:


Save the file and it’s gonna create automatic backup of original file.

3. Get the updates using SEUS

Turn off your phone, launch SEUS, plugin in the USB cable while holding “back” button, SEUS is going to tell you have updates for your phone Smile

Follow on screen instructions. Enjoy the update Smile


X10 is a pretty sweet phone, but with it being so closed, it also closes a lot of doors to hacking it and playing with it, great example would be this update itself, since right now Android 2.1 update is an outdated one.  However 2.1 update brings new life into it, just as it’s a brand new phone, it’s more responsive and much much faster. And do take a backup before this update, because I lost everything from my contacts to internet settings, but all files on my sd card remained intact.

If you want to discuss anything regarding this topic please do so in comment area below or find me on Twitter.

  • Jonathan

    Android 2.1 is working like a breeze Grin but the only problem(s) i’m having is when you charge the phone and reaches 100%, the LED doesn’t go out, it just says green even when the phone is off, I find it odd, as anyone else having this issue? TO end it off universal root app is not working well atleast for meThinking

  • Fl

    hey dude.

    Sorry bother u again, but you know if its possible to set up proxy configuration on x10 2.1?
    I was wondering, at work the wireless internet is under a proxy server and i cant use because of that configuration.

    Tx a lot,


  • Anthony

    @Tyler Durden,

    I followed your fist guide to root and debrand my 3UK contract X10 and got 2.1 fine….but my signal is showing as “roaming” im guessing because its Nordic and Im in the UK.
    So Im following your second guide(also posted in this thread)to go to 1.6 generic UK and back to 2.1 UK hoping it will fix my 3G issue.
    Just goes to show that you just cant apply a new firmware to any phone without issues. What might work well on Orange might not necessarily work well on 3UK.
    Will let you know how I get on.

  • Maxx

    Hi there
    I updated on 4/11…and it works just perfect.
    only one problem but i don’t think that it can be named problem wich is ,that i had to setup the internet manualy since it sayd that it cant download automatic the internet settings.
    But it works perfect anyway
    Good luck

  • Anthony

    ah maybe thats where my problem is Maxx…..I tried to download the settings automatically but it wouldnt let me.
    Gunna try setup again.
    or else its flash back to 1.6 UK firmware and update to 2.1 UK.

  • dominoes20

    So how do we flash back to UK version… settings are different so we can’t just reverse the process… any clues???

  • Anthony

    I regret doing this now. I cant flash back to UK firmware and because my phone thinks Im in one of the Nordic countries my 3G signal is showing as roaming.
    I wish I would have just waited now.

  • dominoes20

    lol you can flash it back…do a google search

  • @daniel, SJ you’re most welcome Smile

    @Aaron Ruano, repeat the step to reinstall everything, what triggers the reset? What do you do before it resets?

    @vardhman, my phone is from USA and I’m in Bosnia right now, no problems with 3G or anything else.

    @Jonathan, try doing the same thing you did to get 2.1 update, repeating the process could help. As I mentioned before in one of the comments, apps you rooted your device will most prolly be incompatible with 2.1, however stay tuned cuz I’ll write tutorial on rooting 2.1 in one of these days.

    @Fl, AFAIK no, issue has been reported http://bit.ly/dfrcdX

    @Maxx, as I said in post that’s the settings I lost, and that’s why you should have taken backup, that’s the only problem I HAD with this update.

    @dominoes20, why don’t you just turn off roaming in wireless options? I think that’s not the case cuz this is Nordic and I’m in Bosnia, so what? It just doesn’t work like you think it does.

    @Anthony, you can do this.

    @dominoes20, @Anthony, @EveryBodyElse, whole process I described above is completely reversible. What you need to do is just overwrite current default.prop with the original one (which you hopefully made backup as I said) and repeat the process.

    I’m think I might do this too later on, even though there’s no need since my 2.1 update works perfectly.

  • dominoes20

    Thanks for the reply AbsintheSyringe and the update… I didn’t make a backup but I don’t think you can reverse the process. (let me know if it works for you it didn’t for me) There are a few ways popping up on the net but none have worked for me so far…
    The only reason I want the UK version is because this one doesn’t have voice search and I use that alot in conjunction with location. (local chapters, starbucks, pizza etc)
    Other than that though I am loving this 2.1 and I’m pissed sony played it down so much… the difference is bloody night and day…
    Thanks again Syringe and please let us know if it works!

  • Maxx

    it’s true that when i did the restore settings i did not restored the settings only the contacts and what else is there…….

  • Maxx

    By the way……..there is an increased battery life in it, and i have the voice search installed from the market ..free….you should try that dominoes20

  • Maxx

    This was the default.prop for UK before you modify it for who ever wants to undo it i don’t know if everybody had the same numbers but maybe it helps ro.semc.version.cust=1235-7379
    Good luck…..

  • Maxx

    Just restored the settings only and the internet settings are back to the original vodafone settings…

  • dominoes20

    Hey Maxx… thanks for the response… The UK code will definitely help… but question for u… When I press the voice search key on my ‘better keyboard’ it says the “Your phone does not have speech recognition engine” I’ve looked all over the market but there is no app called voice search… could u give me more info?


  • Aaron Ruanto

    I just browse my phone, and try to set up my display, and then BOOOM, it restart it self, and after restarting, it hangs, and then restart again and again, so i decided to take off the battery and after 10 mins, i return it. and walla, it works, but after a few minutes of browsing, it restarted again and again, i restore my system file, but still happens still, and then i decided to repair it using SEU, there is a problem still Frown

  • Bhupen Gaitonde

    Hi mate, I tried your procedure and reached the place where I have to edit the two lines mentioned. but my phone does not edit them even after mount r/w. pls help.

  • dominoes20

    @Bhupen… you have to long press it to get the menu then you can open in editor

  • Maxx

    dominoes20…..that is strange because is an app made by google (voice search) i have no clue what to say …….it should come up in the market whend you search for it.
    try to find it in google if the market does not find it.
    it should be there anyway

  • @dominoes20, and everybody else who’s playing with voice, you have installed voice data under text-to-speech settings first, right?

  • veerala

    i have a x10a locked piece with me.i live in india.i have to unlock the phone before,to root the phone and upgrade it to 2.1.can any one help from where i can get the unlock code for it.

    thanks in adv

  • Maxx

    Hi veerala.it worked for me, but i dont know your network rules about this.
    Call your network provider and tell them that you will go on holydays somewhere in another country and you need your unlock code to be able to use another sim in that country (wherever you tell them that you go) because you dont want to use roaming wich is very expensive.Thats how i got my unlock code for my HTC HD2 from T-MOBILE.i had to wait 2 weeks anyway but they sent me a letter with the unlock code.

  • dominoes20

    @Maxx No can’t get it in the market… From my research it seems voice search is only possible for specific areas. I’m going to have to go back to UK for this but no biggie… I’ll wait it out… I’m loving my Barnacle hotspot so it’s all good.

  • Maxx

    @dominoes20.i dont understand why……i am in uk to so we are on the same market.
    its very strange why some phones can see some apps on the market and some cant.VERY STRANGE

  • dominoes20

    k… I flashed over to the UK Rom by changing to 1235-7379 in all the appropriate spots… Now I have voice search again (comes in the build) and everything is gravy! Yay! lol Now I need another hobby for a few days… Well there’s always that microwave Muawaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!

  • dyepnoodle

    can someone tell me which firmware is stable because i flashed my phone to nordic firmware last nov 2 to get the update early and the issues im encountering are, the camera shutter has no sound, no haptic feedback even it is turned on and no soud on audible selection and on audible touch tone. i did reinstall the software by reupdating it using SEUS, it was fixed for just like a minute and the stupid issue still occurs! its not that really bad issue, just want to know if NORDIC firmware really sucks! can i flash it to UK generic? or does that firmware also encounters some issue? THANKS!

  • h

    mine wont let me edit the system default.i changed it to mount r/w .

  • h

    i did it and before it said i had an update now it says my software is up to date? why does it keep saying that

  • ZeVolfMadd

    Hi there… i did all these steps to upgrade my software to 2.1 and i find the update really stunning… though the problem is, its very laggy on my phone… seriosly!

    Um… i just wanted to ask, how can i flash back my software to 1.6?

    the X10 Root application that i downloaded here and used in rooting my x10i isnt working anymore in 2.1 update… i really want to flash it back to 1.6 please…

  • Maxx

    is this on?

  • Maxx

    Hi guys there is a way to install froyo on x 10
    i dont know yet if it works but ill try and let you know

  • Maxx

    everybody says that is working on the xda but i cant make it work…

  • Maxx

    well, i have a question.
    i cant find the default prop in the system anymore. anybody knows where it is after you update to 2.1?
    is not there anymore……..or is it just me

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