Piratebay demostrations

June 3, 2006 – 09:30 by Adnan Hodzic

Ok, the piratebay story 3days days after is still going on, I have the latest news from the same city Piratebay crew is. Here’s what we talked about, there are actually going to be demostrations against the Bodström’s decision. Read on.

And yes piratebay is up now :D

tewmten: demonstration against tomas bodström this afternoon
tewmten: that fucktard didn’t get anything done, thepiratebay.org is up again, but a bunch of small buisness companies are still down..
tewmten: so all he really did was putting some small buisnesses down..
tewmten: stupid twat
tewmten :[
AbsintheSyringe: piratebays not up
tewmten: yeah swedish politician that shut down PRQ
tewmten: minister of justice
AbsintheSyringe: yea yea
tewmten: or what you call it in english
AbsintheSyringe: but didnt he say that he made a mistake
AbsintheSyringe: that’s what I read from PRB legal advisor
AbsintheSyringe: Judas_I
tewmten: yeah in good politican fashion he’s blaming it on some one in his staff
AbsintheSyringe: I blame US, he’s a US lil bitch
tewmten: true
tewmten: that sucks
AbsintheSyringe: yeh
AbsintheSyringe: they prolly bribed him or something
AbsintheSyringe: but dunno even tho UKs the biggest US bitch I dont thing Sweden is
AbsintheSyringe: even tho you can always find an ass like him
AbsintheSyringe: and yea where are these demostrations held, how many people etc…
tewmten: there’s one in stockholm this afternoon outside the parliment building
AbsintheSyringe: good
AbsintheSyringe: how many people app.
tewmten: from the looks of it, there’s gonna be alot of people
AbsintheSyringe: good!
tewmten: there’s also one demonstration in göteborg, for people who can’t make it to stockholm :P
tewmten: but I don’t think they have a permit to demonstrate.. so it could get messy :|
AbsintheSyringe: definetely
AbsintheSyringe: well even tho it sounds ugly but the more messy the better
tewmten: yeah, they had this reclaim the streets thingie a month ago.. stupid kids trashed the town..
tewmten: I mean, it is possible to have a totally awesome party without smashing a bunch of stores to bits and pieces..
AbsintheSyringe: well bodström will have to do SOMETHING when there are demostrations agains him
tewmten: yea
AbsintheSyringe: the messy thing is that they dont have a permit, how messy is it gonna be the cops may beat the pople I dont thinks pirates will fight back :P
tewmten: well he took a dump on a big fan, and he’s got alot of explaining and cleaning up to do now..
AbsintheSyringe: definetely
tewmten: I’m hoping that it can be a peaceful demonstration even though we don’t have a warrant
AbsintheSyringe: yeh me too
AbsintheSyringe: well listen the more peacefull demostrators are the better
AbsintheSyringe: they wont be able to blame like look at the crowd that’s making this demostration
AbsintheSyringe: if they are violent that wont be good
tewmten: agreed
AbsintheSyringe: but still regardless bodström will have to do something
AbsintheSyringe: no matter how demostrations go
tewmten: I need to go get some breakfast now, me so hungry :p
AbsintheSyringe: heh
tewmten: bb
AbsintheSyringe: I’m doing that right now :)
AbsintheSyringe: k I’ll go update my blog with this

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