DebConf11 in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

March 1, 2010 – 8:26 pm by Adnan Hodzic

This moment has finally arrived! Last Saturday (27-th) on #debconf-team decision was made, DebConf11 is coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina!  Victory

Our team and myself were working on this whole candidature for last ~9 months, and even though we put incredibly amounts on energy, hard work, enthusiasm and everything else that goes along with it, suspense and uncertainty were there until the very last minute!  One of our local team members (trip0d’s) wife almost gave a birth to their child gave birth to twins during the decision process that lasted full 4 hours Clap

As a remainder we were competing with Ecuador and Germany to win this bid, whole process was excruciating and very emotionally distressful in every possible aspect for every team member; at one point Germany took a slight lead ahead of Bosnian team, while in the end by “points” Bosnia was in slight lead by 0.25 points, and this is exactly what touched me the most about this whole bid/decision/process.

This is not a great advantage or anything for that matter, but what happened is that in decision process Debian debconf team and its developers picked Bosnia and Herzegovina as a place where they want to have DebConf11!  Our main competitors from München, Germany showed a real fair play and at the end even yielded to our side; really to both of you, Michael Banck (azeem) and Andreas Barth (aba) it was a pleasure and honor to compete with you guys! High Five! See you in NYC for proper handshake and possibly a hug? Razz

Also I’d like to thank Jimmy Kaplowitz (Hydroxide), Moray Allan (moray) who had chairs and who did absolutely incredible job … I guess I’ll just have to thank the whole debconf orga team for all their amazing work ( can’t name names individually because I’ll definitely forget someone!)

This bid really reunited whole Bosnia and Herzegovina, this whole process also united all of Balkans and whole of Ex Yugoslavia, which makes me especially happy since today (March 1st) we are celebrating the day we officially separated from Yugoslavia. Now this just one small step forward, since the real work is ahead of us and we’re starting it all as soon as tomorrow since there’s really a lot that needs to be done.

Again thank you all, we’ll give our best for this to be a DebConf you’ll remember (as a great one of course!), in the meantime see you in New York City!

Adnan Hodzic aka AbsintheSyringe team leader on behalf of whole debconf11-team.

DebConf11 Banja Luka wiki

Debconf11 decision log (#debconf-team log)

  • BrencelJ

    Again Congrats!!!

  • Nice piece of news, team!
    I attended to last DebConf in Cáceres and I hope to repeat on Bosnia. See you there then and congratulations for your hard work! Wink

  • Iskrene cestistke, stvarno se vidi da ste se potrudili Smile

  • Petteri

    Congrats! And hope to see you there Smile

  • Childs !!! Smile twins Smile

  • thank you all!

    @pablog, I expect to see you!

    @Petteri, likewise!

    trip0d, Victory CONGRATULATIONS! Party

  • Cestitke!

    Iznenadio sam se kad su me iz Administrativne sluzbe zvali pre 3h, i pitali da li je u redu sto su podrzali ovakav projekat.

    Rekoh, af skroz da je pametno i prava stvar. Smile


  • Zoran Dimovski

    Bravo, svaka cast!

    Trebalo je ovo na Balkanu.
    Vidimo se na DebConf11 Smile

    Pozdrav iz Makedonije.

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  • Masta

    Big Smile eh pa naravno! vidimo se u Banjaluci na debconf11Smile

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  • I’m writing this from my office, just wanted to congratulate you for pulling the largest amount of work so far. Ignore the diss-operating system I’m currently using Grin

    Welcome to Banja Luka 2011!

  • Goran

    OdlicnAngel,vidimo se

  • Miroslav Rachev

    Thank you and your team, Adnan! See you in Banja Luka at DebConf11!

  • congratulations on a job well done from me too man to you and your team.

    I miss mother europe.

  • Darkogio

    Igor Loncarevic koji je ucio srednju skolu u Kragujevcu?