Behemoth remedy (ultimate hangover cure)

January 27, 2007 – 10:05 by Adnan Hodzic

Ok, for last 1-2months, I’ve been seriously researching to find a remedy, ultimate cure to hangover.

My first part was, drinking water while I was drinking, so if I would drink 10beers, I’d drink a 1.5 liter of water (mine was lemon, no matter really just matter of taste), in the morning if I still feel crappy, I’d eat a banana (b12 vitamin).

That above is a good cure, it works on beer, but stronger stuff? Nope.

So I’d like to call this remedy a “beryl remedy” :) Why beryl? For being good, but not being serious sometimes.

Also just a note, that mixing different types of alcohol, even different beer type leads to hangover.

Now last night I got extremely drunk, and what I woke up being horrible. So I had to put an end to this, something had to be done fast. So this what happened was a joke really. In that awful state, this polish guy says: “Drink some pickle juice” I simply laughed. But since you ate shit, now you might eat it as well.

Then on my way to get my pickle jar, this Russian guy says: “Yea that works, but you gotta mix it with honey” Only comment I made after that is “WTF” But who can you believe other then Russians when drinking eh?

So yea, I filled up a glass with my pickle juice, and took a spoon of honey. Horrible taste in the world? You’ll find out when you taste those too. I almost puked, also I took an aspirin with that. Some I dunno … 20-30mins after, I just look away from the screen for a moment and went … “hey I’m feeling awesome!”

After reading all that stuff, scientists saying that only cure is to give it time, is not true! I feel so great that I could drink this every day to feel this good. You get a cool (literally) effect in your stomach. I really have no idea what pickle juice does to your system, but it does something …

After I took few mandarins, it was like you were eating gods food (and it’s full vitamins that are good for hangover). So I’d like to call this remedy behemoth remedy.

Behemoth remedy:

Glass of cold pickle juice (you sip it from a jar of pickles)
1-2 spoons of honey
4-5 mandarins
1 aspirin

cheers :)


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