February 23, 2010 – 2:52 am by Adnan Hodzic

Every winter … I just get incredibly damp and … depressed Wilt

Well this year, I’ve found an ultimate remedy + stress “reliever” since I’m all jumpy around DebConf11 decision coming around this Saturday Fingers Crossed So to whoever has the same problem during winter … take your board/skies (whatever your fix is) and hit the mountains! This weekend I went to Bosnian “Olympic” mountain Jahorina; couple of days later … stress free, depression free and ready for new challenges, in the meantime I’ll let pictures talk for themselves Wink

My friend and I

Black and white in colors

Ready to go down the slope

Camera can’t display this beauty

Notice how close the clouds are …

This image is my current wallpaper

On our way to … sky Smile

Road to our cottage

Our little cozy cottage

Board ninja

  • Ivan Kohler

    there no therapy like snow therapy!

  • Yes! From now on I’m doing this every year, no exceptions Grin

  • Very beautifful photo’s…great view and skiepistes!!! Snow therapy with skies or board like no other!!

    Kind regards,
    Davor Radic
    nice way of snow fun http://www.jahorinalive.com and great time!

  • Yes nice time on Jahorina and if you want some exclusive accommodation choose http://termaghotel.com or choose http://www.hotelboard-jahorina.com. I was last year there 7 days in Termag and 10 days in Board, but years before I was at some private accommodation and it was also great, becouse you are on skies whole day and adventages of hotels are that there is swimmingpool and food you don’t need to make it self….

  • Last year, my friend and were having coffee and decided that we’re leaving to Jahorina in morning Smile

    But this year I think I’m gonna plan it more throughly then last year.

    Thank you for your offers because that’s the ones we might consider Wink

  • Mark

    As much as I am looking for reviews of Jahorina, I am closer to booking whole winter there Smile