February 23, 2010 – 02:52 by Adnan Hodzic

Every winter … I just get incredibly damp and … depressed :wilt:

Well this year, I’ve found an ultimate remedy + stress “reliever” since I’m all jumpy around DebConf11 decision coming around this Saturday :fingersxd: So to whoever has the same problem during winter … take your board/skies (whatever your fix is) and hit the mountains! This weekend I went to Bosnian “Olympic” mountain Jahorina; couple of days later … stress free, depression free and ready for new challenges, in the meantime I’ll let pictures talk for themselves ;)

My friend and I

Black and white in colors

Ready to go down the slope

Camera can’t display this beauty

Notice how close the clouds are …

This image is my current wallpaper

On our way to … sky Smile

Road to our cottage

Our little cozy cottage

Board ninja

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