Piratebay down

June 3, 2006 – 07:47 by Adnan Hodzic

It’s weekend, you’re sitting down, thinking about your damn exams, hangover, everyone throwin shit into your face, but in the end you’re just still sitting calm as a bomb.

Pirate bay is down, my favorite torrent source for years, my google for torrents. Yes for music and movies and all the illegal things. I might just be too lazy to go out and get a cd, maybe even I go out and I wanna get that cd it’ll be an illegal copy, so it’s just better to stay home and download something you wanna watch with your other half.

But PirateBay down … no good. I just want to say that you can be assured they’ll be up. Anyways if you never heard of pirate bay … you’re such a fucking virgin and you’re defientely from US. Importance of piratebay says it all when even links like this one appears on: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=40216&PHPSESSID=1b61fac18bce99fa699ad7847b17a7b9

So here’s the truth so in case you havent got it yet you hear about it.

Police came and seased the servers, arrested Anakata (Gottfrids) they even arrested Judas_I (Viborg) who’s not of the “techies” who was actually a legal advisor. He shared a lot of what happened too. They even seases his all tech equipment as well as his keyboard :)

So why did they sease the servers? It’s all legal, even if it was illegal, torrent servers dont have any of that “illegal” content on them, those servers are “just” used to find the illegal content you were looking for. Too bad their tracker is too good to most popular in the world. In Sweden they dont have those illegal problems. Who was it fault then?


You know, US is really the most disguisting country ever. There’s no such thing as a American Patriot, they are patriot of which country? US? UK? France? Whatever. The reason Adolf Hitler lost the war is because the americans went to war, why did they go to war? Why did they go to war with Iraq? UK was going down, and UK owed them some huge amounts of money, so they figured if they go under Hitlers wing they’ll never pay them back.

Now all you US people will say it makes logic. It doesnt say logic, you cant just go lose your lives cuz of money. There are just some things that are worth fighting for.

Neverthless, let’s go back to Piratebay. Sweden as a country was the one who sent the cops but … they sent it cuz US asked them to do so. US told them that of course cuz a lot of their corporations were using few $$$ from this Euro country. Not cuz they are … piracy pirates or something like that, they dont really give a shit about torrent, nor they know what’s torrent. But as long as it’s taking them money they’ll find out what torrent means. They’ll even find out where Sweden is on the map of world.

Not what’s illegal is that Sweden authoroties have figured out that what they’ve done is actually illegal. They didnt have legal grounds to do that, nor there was any ground to be right or wrong. So piratebay will be back within few days for sure.

So this tells you all about story when some wiseass tells you “Ninja vs Pirate”.

Arghh mateys cheeers arrrgh :)

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