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January 17, 2007 – 15:12 by Adnan Hodzic

First time I noticed LiveLeak was around Saddam was getting executed. I just wanted to see him being hanged an all, youtube, nothing, google video, nothign. LiveLeak, actual thing :)

You actually realize how boring is youtube, it’s really boring to me, I watch it, it’s all about some stupid lonelygirl7 or something like that, and it’s all fake and people still watch it. Then there are just number of idiots that hang out there for 20days (after new year and top veiwed o_O) saying happy new year like this one below:

Besides that it’s all fake.

At LiveLeak, you dont see real money going on, adsense ads or something, you see the real life, people fighting, people getting hurt, people doing funny shit, all sort of stuff, and you really cant get bored on LiveLeak. So here’s a little introduction of stuff that should get you converted on LiveLeak :)

Russians + Vodka

I’ve said it before, I thought all they do is drink vodka, and they can drink a lot of it. All I’ll say is that bosnian drinking with them … not only it can catch up, but it can also beat them :)

American War of terror

I’ve said it couple of times before, what they do, I even had a guy/friend/marine telling me what they do there. And here’s how they fight over there …


A nice explosion compilation

This got me … man :D

No comment :D

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