Ubuntu CE!?

January 5, 2007 – 1:42 pm by Adnan Hodzic

I was going around the DistroWatch when I saw “Ubuntu CE”. There’s Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Xubuntu, but Ubuntu CE? Wtf.

So I google, and I come across whatwouldjesusdownload…

Ubtuntu CE stands for Ubuntu Christian Edition o_O
Among other things there’s also a daily bible verse …

Ah … people really give me a break …

  • BrencelJ

    Man This really suck this is Idiotic I use Kubuntu and they made this crap whit it man NO way this isnt cool at all. So I hope that this will go away soon I really do

  • AbsintheSyringe

    Nope, I’d say this is pretty good gimmick. And that what we can expect is IE = Islam edition, and JE – Jewish Edition Smile

    Let’s wait and see …

  • Anonymous

    But why this distribution?? that is the thing I dont understand. They could take any other distribution but NOOO they had to take Ubuntu. Razz but I cant do anything about it can I Razz he he he so I will just hope that it wont be as cool as Ubuntu is Grin

  • AbsintheSyringe

    Ubuntu is just insanely popular, but anyone who had any touch with linux wont approach it.

    It doent let you to compile, it has everything new users want, what else could you want? Of course you could spend a dozen of much more time to base your distro on slackware lets say, but it’s going to take a lot more time and knowledge, so ubuntu seems to be the best pick Smile

  • BrencelJ

    First can you change the anonymous to my nick Razz if you can.

    Next Ubuntu is Gnome based so it is by default no compiling desktop. And you are right about the popularity :S man since I started using it the first time until now a lot of people are using it.

    But kubuntu is diffrent than ubuntu It has some more stuff that are more alike to any other distro (it isnt on the same level that is true it is still more user friendly).

    So I’m kind a happy they used Gnome for this and not KDE. But still why LINUX why man I hate this. I just hope they will grow tired and ppl will go back to normal distros Razz

  • AbsintheSyringe

    Brencel, nice to see you’re reading this stuff too Smile

    As for Ubuntu is gnome powered, Kubuntu is KDE powered as default (if not only) desktop enviroment.

    I dont think they’ll ever get normal, I never tried ubuntu, I just saw it, know what’s about and wont try it, ever. And there were hard times Smile

    So I’d say you just change your distro, I really recommend Mandriva 2007.0 Or maybe OpenSuse, for begining …

  • BrencelJ

    heheh I told you that I will be reding your blog even though I dislike them Razz.

    About My distro which one I should use I think it would be easyer for us to talk on MSN Razz if you think I’m wordy to have yours Razz and next thing Kubuntu can have anything you want it is like debian yea I know debian ist that good Razz but it is good for begining on something Grin

    and again the churche is tying to take something on there side that is Great and good and that is Linux Razz.

    and that is just my 2 cents Razz. I will let them have that because I cant do anything aand I can only go like argh this suck and that Razz and that is it.

    but it is good Idea in the long run Razz if I look people will stop using paid OS and use free or OpenSource Os Grin and that makes me happier.

  • change

    “””Next Ubuntu is Gnome based so it is by default no compiling desktop”””


    i don’t understand what did you try to say here…

    but anyway….this ubuntu ce stuff is just what you can expect from ppl….next thing will be that GOD had invented linux, and shit like that….

    fuck that!