EU comission, no to linux.

January 2, 2007 – 11:25 by Adnan Hodzic

So I see this text yesterday, I see this petition I sign it. European commissioners said:

Council of the EU Says “We Cannot Support Linux”

Posted by kdawson on Monday January 01, @02:30AM
from the penguins-need-not-apply dept.
An anonymous reader writes “The Council of the EU has a streaming service so that we can watch its meetings — but the service can only be accessed by Mac or MS Windows users. This is because they employ WMV format for the videos. In the FAQ they express a really strange opinion about this: ‘The live streaming media service of the Council of the European Union can be viewed on Microsoft Windows and Macintosh platforms. We cannot support Linux in a legal way. So the answer is: No support for Linux.’ An online petition has been set up to create pressure to convince the EU council to change its service to one that is platform independent.”

So I commented the petition and my comment among lines was something like:

What does EU has Windows N (Win, that ships without Windows Media Player), if you’re just going to install it later on by yourself? This is not ironic, this is absurd.

Again, please sign the petition, you dont have to comment ;)

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