Debian Start!

August 25, 2009 – 22:21 by Adnan Hodzic


For last 2 days now, I was in middle of process of moving to a new (faster) server, without any prior notice my web hosting company simply initialized the “move”. Being jinx I am, it was just then that I posted this, so I’m really sorry for all the inconvenience, it really wasn’t my fault: 1. post was unavailable for couple of hours 2. two same posts on the planet

For some time now I’ve been bothered by Iceweasel’s default start page in Debian, and I just refused to use “Firefox Start“. So why not be the one who will change something about it Smile And after such “boost” from DC9, I had to do something, immediately.

Well there’s nothing much to say, except I hope you like it Smile Therefor I present you with Debian Start!

I “tailored” it to work with Epiphany and Iceweasel/Firefox; Konqueror, Opera, Chrome don’t render it too good, they can’t resist but move the search box to the left. I figured I’ll just end up writing different CSS for those to use. If you have any other ideas, please do share Smile

Until then, for those on Epiphany and Iceweasel/Firefox make sure you set it as your new home Smile

Future? Well it all actually depends on you, if you ask me Debian really needs (badly) some sort of start page. As it goes for future plans (all depending on your feedback) I would start a new project on Alioth, and have it “multilingual” and include themes/skins for it, for example I’m sure Sid users would love to have their Debian Start a bit unstable Razz

If it goes well, I would make sure it gets proposed to be made default in Squeeze. Again, your comments/feedback/whatever will have me working on this Wink

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