Car accident …

December 29, 2006 – 15:22 by Adnan Hodzic

So I was just watching TV, channel that’s shooting down my street. So I’m just watching to see wassup, when I see this road block, so I decide to go out and see what happened.

So what I hear, these two were driving, this guy in Mercedes (first one) started slowing up without giving out any signals, all in order to turn right. But then this guy hits him from the back (the old Jetta, second one). It all ended good, except this girl that was on right next to the driver hit her through (somewhat) the windshield. They say she’s passed out, and that they took her to the hostiptal.

Now this last picture please zoom in so you see the half circle that the head did to the windshield (side view)

I say she broke her neck, possible death.

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