Video post – Definite Microsoft ownage

December 16, 2006 – 07:40 by Adnan Hodzic

I’ll dedicate this blog post to best video adverts or … adverts wanna be.

Last night I went out, since that last Jagermeister drunk, I’ve said I only drink or absinthe or beer. So last night we drank absinthe, ended up with my cousin, ended up on edo majka, all for free for some reason. Heh, as always I’ve spend whole night somewhere on the stage :)

Also, yesterday I tried getting beryl on slackware, failed twice, but knowing me that surely doesn’t mean ‘m giving up :) Wiki for Slackware on beryl-project page is just horrible, nothing plus nothing. After I make it, I’ll send a new wiki (mine) to beryl-project.

Ok, my definite number one:

Definite favorite besides the one above:

Heh, a funny one. There’s this whole series of Apple adverts, like the one below for example:

Now out of the sudden, Microsoft went out with this “wannabe” parody and do the same thing. They should really stop copying Apple, besides everybody else :) And yes, the best thing is that that “another simple” turns not to be working :) Also scratches easily is definitely not needed, and who is really … taking users credit card information?

Ignorance unleashed:

Now we are about to do all the Microsoft ownage hihi :)

First we should know Microsoft History :)

Isn’t Vista exception when it comes to listening its user?

Just to mention that same guy is now in head of Microsoft …

We already saw Windows Media Center presentation above, Linux crashes? WTF!? Most retarded commerial ever! Even Microsoft (later) decided not to air it …

Old but priceless, this was definetely … Windows was on it … I’m 100% sure of it

What a fucking retard, DAWG. Made of baby seals skin? Playing Xbox … No matter how rich you are, if you’re like or that, or that’s funny to you, you are … son of bill gates on mtv cribs …

And to end this all, message to you all … if you’re on windows, please do this ;)

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