Zenica Linux Seminar 3

December 4, 2006 – 00:23 by Adnan Hodzic

On friday night I go out with my gf, trying to get in the theater seeing “Borat” all tickets were sold so … screw it. We end up at my friends place, I end up drinking small bottle of Jagermeister, after that I walk my gf to the cab and we head to the place where we could play some pool and drank few more beers.

Before I forget, at my friends place, he wanted to show me his brand new notebook. I see acer and I tell him I give him less then 1.5 year warranty. Later on he wanted to say how cool it is, that he could put in my phone memory card and transfer data. Ok, I put it, it works we transfer and end up that we couldnt take out the card! Later on even worse happens, my 1.5 year warranty expires and touchpad didnt work anymore.

Dont you love acer :)

I’ve been to a lot of places but never been in Zenica. What’s interesting is that how close we are and how (much) different people really are.

Other guy that was going with this other guy, said he wants to leave for Zenica at like 5AM! He said it takes 4.30hours to get there, which is wtf dude, didnt really want to say anything.
So I get home, change of driving plans, I just fell asleep and forgot to call my friend and tell him about my dad driving us.

I was sleeping for some 3hours when my cell rings at 5 AM. Fuck, my friends telling me where da fuck are you, and to get to the bus stop. I tell him my dad is gonna drive us and to go back home, I forgot to tell him last night and I apologize. I fall asleep again, beep wakes me up, I got a message, it’s my friend telling me he went to Zenica cuz he was too lazy to go back home. I just said ok.

So I just couldnt sleep anymore. We left some 3 hours before seminar, we get there in 2 hours, wondering how much my friend made a fool of himself when he said 4.5 hours, and how he’s prolly there for hours now. We didnt even leave our city when I asked my dad what’s wrong and that he cant leave us just right there, and that I dont get why is he doing it. Especially cuz he was in ER previous night, cuz you can tell when something’s not right usually he’s just … \m/

We get there, I see whole LUGBIH crew, but I wave, making faces all in hope that they understood that I was going to eat and come back there.

Didnt do much walking around the city, just wanted to eat, and there I ended in first “Cevabdzinica” I saw.

What I want you to pay attention on is “Cevap 1 cevap for 0.35KM” I mean wtf … But I guess those orders happen too. How do you do it? You go over there and tell them give me one cevap, you stand there, lady feeds you with 1 cevap and that’s it :) Funny.

While I was eating my friends finds me, and the other one finds me too :) It was just funny, they tell me to find them in a place called: “Business” and to just call once I’m out or something. Instead I just walk out, and wondering how good it is to ask someone on street “Where can I find business” :D

Since they told me where I could find that place, I see place named Club 75 or something, and on the other side almost like in (brackets) it said “business” or “biznis” or something like that :)

We stay there for a bit, then we head to the theater (where seminar was held). First person was my professor, that didnt tell you anything you didnt know, I laughet few times and said he’ll fail me on my OS exam I did (tomorrow I find out he really did I apparently failed for some 1.x%)

Seminar as seminar, it was good, I expected more people (they kept on leaving and leaving after each topic). You could really hear gasps like “aaaah/ooooh/etc…” when XGL/AIGXL was shown.

My favorite topics were definetely “Use of free software in eduction” that was held by this guy from serbia, guy really knows how to talk and knows what’s he’s talking about. My second favorite is definetely Adis from LUGBIH, talking about SPAM, very very … awesome :) And for some reason, even tho it wasnt the best, I liked “full time life of linux desktop user” of this guy (if you can read bosnian then definetely read it cuz it’s really all as it was)

I’d just reate this seminar as good, it could be better, but it could be worse, orginazation was great, people that were talking … not really.

Most important thing is that while this guy was talking about Ubuntu as best distro of the year, we saw this debian freak getting a frown :)

So ubutnu situation was besides xgl/aigxl show of the best eye candy, here are some of pics :)

So here’s the UBUNTU situation:

This is definetely my favorite picture :)

And that’s to “gomez” he gave me one of the dynamic duo stickers he got from Stallman himself on one of the Richard Stallmans speachs :)

So soon afterwards we left, simply cuz I felt bad for my dad being all sick and driving us there, even tho we were invited for a lunch after seminar. I’ll just never let him drive me again, I mean I have no idea why I agreed on that one x_X

I know I havent said really anything, but hey :) I said something.

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