January 27, 2009 – 22:01 by Adnan Hodzic

Ok, after my post about Forum, take two, soon enough I got pissed off and completely removed the forum, including database. There are two reasons I acted the way I did, first one is that there was not enough of traffic and I had to keep coming back to see if anything is new and moderate it. Second reason is that I actually dedicated one (hidden) part of the forum to the university it club, so … I didn’t like that.

So I pretty much snapped and removed everything, havoc :)

But after I see (from your comments) that there’s still need for the same, forum is back up, with new database so you’ll have to everybody will have to register agian. Also let me note that this reason is up because Reece (Rolyin) agreed to help out and he’ll be moderating it, thanks! :)

In case he decides to quit his position, I’ll be forced to give database username and password to someone for safe keeping :D


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