Birthday + Bosnian pyramids + exams + etc…

September 25, 2006 – 08:05 by Adnan Hodzic

Yea it’s my birthday today.

Morning started easily, I woke up at … around 10, when I was born anyways. Morning started with “Ways of faith” (Sepultura) while it ended up on “Siegreicher Marsch” (Amon Amarth) Those two can be taken “in between” of these lines, or they can just be taken normally :)

Last night I was on IRC when it was 00:00 got many congrats and thanks guys :)
I really cant remember what or with who I was on my last birthday, I know it was peaceful and stuff, it was prolly boring or something. Then before that, I’m sure I spent it somewhere being dead wasted, then before that, I was leaving US, so I think I was just in whole “coma” thingy, so I cant remember that one either.

So today I’m really thinking of spending a peaceful day, just chilling out, I dont even think I’ll go get a beer or whatever. Maybe few in the end, maybe not (I really dont feel like going down to the store :{)
What suprised me is that few people has called me, and to be honest I dont know when their birthdays are, even Anya sent me few greetings, I really didnt see that one coming. It really kicked me out of my balance, I really had to lift weights to get my rocks off.

What does it feel like to be legal to drink in US? Just as a normal day of course, I’m sitting here drinking my coffee, no worries of more exams to come, on 23th was the last one. I have to do this “seminar work” on “processors speed over the time” and I have to do the “CentOS LiveCD remastering” to see how i to goes, because I really believe that BHLD2 should be based on it. I’ll do that as soon as I get my hands on CentOS. Tomorrow we have an meeting on which distro to choose (finally).

So it really feels great, not that it’s my birthday but that I just got rid of it all. I can work on Abshost, on BHLD2, on Wormux (master C++ and pass the exams of course later on), I finally have time to spend an hour-two on lifting weights. Last days were just … I havent had time to shave my beard or my head … or any other part(s) :P

This was the toughest year for me, in the meanwhile I could’ve not be writing this now, all the things I’ve done in past only make me stronger. Which is a good thing.

Few days ago, I got this cat, most of the people asked me why the hell did you get a cat? I said I dont know. Spending whole day with that thing was just … wow, I was dead tired, and in the evening, I finally wanted to check why the hell she keeps scraching, so I see fleas! I go to the nearest pharmacy and they didnt have anything against fleas except this shampoo (for people, humans, homo-sapeins), so I took it out.

My sister has just brought back the cat I had an kicked out. Just as a birthday present or whatever, and I tell her it has fleas! So we give her a bath again, fleas? Believe it or not I was catching em and taking them out of the cat by my bare hands. Other questions I’ve asked her are: Tell me one good reasons to keep it. Only answer she had cuz it’s cute. Yes it’s cute, I have no reason to have a cat, it’s a female cat, so I have to get it sterilized, castrated whatever you wanna call it, it has fleas, it’s pain in the ass, I really have no room for it, blah blah.

I told her just to give me one answer to one of those my questions and I’ll keep it, with one correct answer and I’ll find solutions to all those “issues”. Well all it’s left is to get a cute black one, that doesnt have fleas, and that is male cat, then I’ll still have to find an answer to why a cat damit, but still.

So that’s for the cat, yes, in the meantime, from last tuesday to this monday, it hasnt been even a week but I’ve been to so many places and I’ve crossed around 1.500kilometers (for US people somewhat less then 1000miles).

Bosnian Pyramids

I finally went to those pyramids, from the begining I belive it in it. Why? I really dont know, the reaons were just good and solid, and maybe back of my head cuz I want something better in this damned country.
So I finally went there. First thing is, you’re in the car and you go: “Where are pyramids” and the guys answer is: “Which one do you want?” You go o_O: “Which one is better?” Then they give you a load of crap :) Truly Bosnian freestyle.

There are no pyramids people. That’s official. First half of the pyramid trip is just like Tunisian people style, they’ll sell you “snake eyes” if they can. There are no pyramids, my second theory goes in to the action. It’s definetely not just like nature made it that way, it’s definetely human hand made, but who the hell came up with the pyramids. Take this for example:

^ Official photo taken by “pyramid founder” Semir Osmanagic.

^ Picture taken by me, prior believer

That picture is taken on top of the hill, on so called “pyramid plateau”. Explain me one thing, why the fuck is he taking picture of a book with pyramid in it and taking a picture of a town called Visocica so tell me, why are you comparing the town with the pyramid, you’re comparing your imagination with reallity my friend.
It’s a fact that thing is not a pyramid but a Bosnian King Tvrtko’s town, which he called Visoki. It’s also very interesting since you’ll have to go 2kilometeres uphill to get to that “plateu”, when I first saw that picture in his book called “Alternativna Historija” I really thought hey look it’s a pyramid, I thought he took a picture of the whole hill not just a part where town Visoki stands.

^ I also got attacked by “behemoths of bosnian pyramid” up there on that same very spot :)

Second resolution:

This also taken from the “plateu”, mkay, if someone wanted a thingy looking or calle a pyramid, why is another “pyramid” read hill/mountain/whatever “growing” from the bottom of that picture? Again let me remain you that this on top of the “pyramid”.

This just puts you down to your misery, so you just want to leave from that “plateu”, once you see the main part of the pyramid you just want to go home.

Human made?

Yes definetely, below are few pictures that prove to me that it is definetely human made. Please take a look at the stone carvings, and stone structure itself, especially where you can see the rocks in it.


Now my backup theory comes in.
Back in November, I remember that Semir Osmanagic said something that just didnt fit in. He said that this same pyramid could be around 12.500 years old. That just made me go ><
Semir Osmanagic’s father was a well known man, and was a “scientifist” knew many things. Was very respected man. I know dozens of people who had/have fathers like this, and they are all above us all in their own little worlds of illusions. If you didnt realize that, I meant complete turds.

Semir has traveled all over the world, the pyramids this and that, blah blah. He speaks well, so he has a pretty good background eh? Yes, Semir, but you cant sell your shit just like that man.

First heheh, “Fashion Guru” from Nov@TV would definetely have plenty of comments on your cowboy hat, and that in USA you call yourself “Sam” short of “Semir”, but we’re not here to comment on that right.

I really cant figure out, you’re just taking it too much into yourself man, you really need to get down on the ground, I’ve seen many interviews with you, I liked them actually. And all of those people were beaten by you, you just have comment on it all. I’d really like to see you in one of my pyramid quests so I can speak to you.
“Sam” my man I’m going on the “heretic” side no way of converting me back.

You’re just full of yourself that is complete turd, respect to your creator, your father.

What still doesnt make quite sense to me is that why pyramids are put in that same order, then same thing with the other pyramid they are working on right now “Piramida Mjeseca” It really does have pyriamidal shape

^ Pyramid of “Moon” taken from Pyramid of “Sun”

This wasnt my last time, I’ll still have to investigate that pyramid of Moon, we’ll see what happends.

So if they are not pyramids what the hell are they?

My backup theory was that the king as all others, take a look at the tower in Gradacac. Lords, Kings, Warriors, would build their fortress on top of the hills, on the steepest point, so the enemy cant get up there just like that.

I believe this is what King Tvrtko did as well. Made a town/fortress, on top of it all. Here are few questions you’ll definetely have:

Q: Why do they look like “pyramids”?
Because if you really take a look in that area, most of the hills/montains have that shape, and I’d definetely be able to say for few more “hey that could be another pyramid”. Maybe that shape, and that shape of hills/mountains is really difficult to climb on.

Why do those “pyramids” have conrete walls then?
I believe, because it’s far harder to climb on the conrete walls rather then just normal grass/soil/trees, if you fall off of it you’re gone.

Why do those “pyramids” have hallways in them, tunnels that is?
Most likely so the king just as fox always makes another exit, wanted to have a way to escape in case he gets in trouble. Simple as that, those are pretty or completely primitive tunnels, and definetely do not contain any treasure or anything like that.

Why are there more “pyramids”?
Most prolly, cuz as I said above the shape is good, “enemy proof”, and because he wanted to create a small empire of his own, just as every kings wants to. That also explains the stairs and the tiles and facets. He wanted to decorate them a bit I guess, so they look somewhite nice.

And to be honest, later on in Visoko the town, it’s really a beautiful town. It’s just great, it’s near Sarajevo (27km), highway to Sarajevo so it’s only minutes away. It’s definetely a small place but it’s a real “carsija” downtown. It actually could represent a USA suburbian area in Bosnia.

I also figured out that I’ll start learning (not studing) German, all I need is few good bands :)

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