December 28, 2008 – 9:42 am by Adnan Hodzic

Earlier this year, I talked a lot about making my own Linux distribution, Codename: peacenow (talk), then later on I even posted a Codename: peacenow | open design (ideas, possible design). I put the whole thing on one long “pause”. What happened in the meantime is … well among other things, I changed my “codename” … I even switched to Gnome after KDE4 being what it is.

I really don’t know how to explain this … so breathe with me. I personally see IT in following specters, Graphics/Design/Art, Programming, Networking. But just recently I was put in a position …

Fuck this, starting today, I’m actually starting the work on my own Linux distribution. In imperfect world, there’s no perfect linux distributions, they are all visions of various minds, but none of them suiting enough to fill every single void.

My whole life I’ve been “distro hopping”, but in a period of last two years, I changed soo many distributins that’s it’s just … I even managed to change 3 distros in 7 days. Yea, I even managed to get a nickname “distro whore” Smile

Point being that I really believe that I can make something different. What I know right now is that it’ll definetely be based on Debian. In begining it may not even look any different then Debian itself, since I’m not even sure I’m forking it or anything … obvious will that it’ll be less stable (no it won’t be another Ubuntu), different name and different philosophy.

But, definetely rest assured that I’ll try to incorporate ideas of these two great men (Ian Murdock and Patrick Volkerding) and take the greatest from two greatest distros out there, Slackware and Debian. Read: Debian for slackers Razz

I’m posting this, just as a remainder that I can look back later on, real why and manifesto will follow soon enough Smile

Btw, if any of you who reads this wants to help in any possible way! Please do let me know, I need all help I could possibly get! Interested parties please subscribe to havoc-devel mailing list

  • BrencelJ

    He Sweet I would like to help if you want me but you know I dont know a lot about linux yet maybe I will learn a lot Razz whit helping you Grin he he.

  • Important note, no matter how much you know you can help. Everybody can help! I guess the most basic helping is even spell check itself, but hey that’s help Smile

    If I really don’t get enough people who would do this, I’ll have to halt the whole project. This is not about me, this is about you, I’ve got my perfect OS, but I wanna share it with the rest of the world, so please people help Grin

  • deft

    son fuck you son!

    i’m here to help and please you in any way you want me to!
    i’ll even do your laundry if necessary!

    i’m your biatch!!

  • Ayyye Smile

  • Count me too Smile

  • Riggy

    Im in Smile

    I will help any way I can!

  • Welcome aboard Smile

    Please register yourself on the mailing list, that’s where the first devel will begin:


  • Riggy

    was just wondering when things were going to start with Havoc….. and where to start?

  • Apologies for that, I’ll send the email to the mailing list right away Smile

  • Riggy

    would you like me to host or mod a chat forum as it would probably be a little easier to keep track of things?

  • Riggy

    just linked back to this from my site as i think its a pretty ace oppertunity (Y)

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