Forum, take two

November 25, 2008 – 9:38 pm by Adnan Hodzic

Ok, without really any reason I “closed” the forum for the first time, and now I’m “opening” it for the second time. Actually to be completely honest I closed it for the first time because there wasn’t much of a talk in there. In the meantime, a port of the forum is being used by AUBIH IT Club members, part o the forum you’re not aware unless you’re in the club Smile

Once you also gave your opinion that FC does have a forum, even though poll wasn’t there long enough. Besides this poll I really don’t know if the forum is needed, because not really a lot of discussion is going on in the comments or anything, but … suit yourselves Smile

Nevertheless, forum is up again, and open for discussion for everyone and no one really. If you have any questions regarding anything, please do ask. I promise I won’t close it this time, no matter if it’s visited or not and … such Smile

Enjoy forum

  • Heloisa X

    Hello, Absinthe! I saw on a forum a whole comment of yours on the DISABLE infinity message you received once for your PS2. I got the same message today, and started reading things too see if I can fix it up. I am not quite sure I understood what I have to actually to do restablish my chip infinity..did you have to open your PS2? can you please, help me?? =( My e/mail is I would really appreciate it!! Thank you in advance for your time!

  • Hey Heloisa,

    K, no need to open your PS or anything. It’s all pretty much explained on:

    Get the firmware, please refer to the post above, burn that firmware on a cd or something, remove your controllers, remove your memory card, turn on your station, and the screen should come up.

    If not, insert only one controller (main one) and when you turn on your station keep pressing “Triangle + Circle” while it’s booting.

    Let me know if you have further trouble.

  • Rolyin

    Where has the forum gone again?

  • I removed it, no traffic, no really need for it, I’m incredibly short with time to moderate it … so yea. Screw it.

  • sudo

    So… Is forum up?

  • Rolyin

    Sadly not, it was for a short while….

  • @sudo, Yes, as Rolyin said, it’s down. He offered his help to moderate it, so I’ll have to think about that idea once again Smile

    In the meantime if you have some question/issue you’d like to discuss about, I’d ask you to use these same very comment field in relation to the topic.

  • elko

    great job…thanks.

  • Most welcome Wink

  • Dreannaprapse

    Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
    I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
    God will appreciate it.

  • Rolyin

    Well Absinthe contacted me so looks like the forum will be up again soon.

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  • Forum is back up Smile

  • Do you have several sort of gift box where I may send out gift in PayPal? I would enjoy to reward you for your blog posts. Smile

  • Thank you, I do not have a gift box, but I do have a paypal account Smile

    Does that help?