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November 20, 2008 – 10:46 by Adnan Hodzic

Last night I logged into my Gmail account and I see that there is this new feature, themes. Oh well, I say finally it’s time for such a move from Google, since I noticed that some changes have been made on their CSS. For some time right now I have noticed that every single input box in gmail is incredibly … well square. Too round and square.

Too round?

Now when it comes to themes in Gmail, if you ask me it was really about the time. There were few Firefox addons and they were ok and all, but lets face it, you change your computer and there goes your Gmail look.

And then as I said it, last night I log into my Gmail account and there’s a notification about themes. I’ll present the some screenshots, for all the other stuff that I don’t say here you can read the official Gmail blog post. Too say the least, there are some really interesting themes. The one I finally picked is most interesting me for several reasons.

I’m using theme named “Tree”, it’s incredibly slick, second depending on weather conditions theme will change. So last night when I first tried it, it was raining so the whole theme got “wet” and there were drops all over the place. Tree on the bottom was swinging by the wind and stuff like that.There are also few themes that are “dependent” on weather conditions. Which is definitely *thumbs up

Another good thing is that all these themes didn’t make Gmail bloated or any slower than usual. Another pretty interesting theme is “Terminal” and “Desk” and so on.

What’s the whole irony in this whole story is that, I’m actually … “abandoning” Google and Gmail and all that, and I’m the one who’s presented with the latest “cool” stuff :P

Enjoy the screenshots ;)

I’m really looking foward the updates for these themes, and also improving the current ones. For example what I think would really be great for this very theme is that theme look would also change due to day time, not only depending on the weather conditions. And they better have snow for this theme besides sun and rain :)

[Nov 22 update: They do have snow :)]

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