Slayer Chirst Illusion review

July 28, 2006 – 10:09 by Adnan Hodzic

Slayer album is coming out on 08.08.2006 (US) UK is much later. But I got it last night hihi :) So I’ll do my best to present you this record through my eyes.

“It’s fast, heavy — maybe faster than anything we’ve done before. It’s going to be brutal. It’s what everyone expects from a Slayer record.” (Tom Araya)

It’s fast, it’s pretty heavy, but not heavy as heavy, but from time to time it can come to your back like you’re “wearing” a ton of rocks or something. Brutal? Define brutal, this is 15year old brutal.

What everyone is expecting from slayer record? No fucking way. I wasnt really expecting Slayer – God Hates Us All Vol2 or something. Ok, it’s not like GHUA, but still, it’s just weird.

Few months ago I got three tracks from this album, that is: Cult, Eyes of Insane, and Jihad. I was confused, just as I am right now, I didnt know what to expect, actually what to say after I’ve played them dozens of times. I would just say wait until album is out, right now it’s really not worth it. Cult is definetely my favorite song out of those 3. Then Jihad, mostly cuz of the great song name, and very … “wicked” lyrics? Eyes of Insane is complete horse shit.

The line up is pretty much the same, as I just know Lombardo is back on drums. For begining, Araya as Araya, voice the same, bass as bass, same. Good, he definetely wont dissapoint you.

Hanneman … I really have nothing special to say about this man, no dissapointment, he does his job as he’s ought to. I find guitars to be the best on this album.

Lombardo, interesting, not like GHUA album definetely, he just kills it, actually very good. If not great. Just what you can expect from him.

King, oh yea. This man is actually saving this album. You listen mostly, aggressive, heavy, fast, lyrics riffs, tum tum, and once he goes with his famous solos …. wonderfull. He really saves this album.

Track list is following:

01. Flesh Storm
02. Catalyst
03. Skeleton Christ
04. Eyes of the Insane
05. Jihad
06. Consfearacy
07. Black Serenade
08. Catatonic
09. Cult
10. Supremist

It starts out with Flesh Storm, completely heavy drum kicks and then impressive fast guitar riffs. Later on song continues with “curly” guitar riffs, with somewhat solo. Not bad.

After that one comes Catalyst which is just heavy as a ton of bricks on you.
But again, what saves it is guitars, from here and there.
Guitars, are what really makes this album brutal.

Skeleton Christ, again what saves this song is Hanneman brutalizing you with riffs, until King comes to complete the destruction.
Again guitars are definetely what saves this songs, even though I like Arayas voice in this one.

Then comes Eyes of the Insane, oh my. I really dont like this song, somewhat interesting lyrics, but this song is just like … if you had drunken fight with someone … then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Really not recomended for morning hangovers too :)

Jihad, I liked this song cuz of it’s name, very interesting lyrics too. Guitars … %
Drums are great, hey at least if you dont like anything about it, lyrics and name saves it :)

Consfearacy, heavy heavy heavy, brutal! tum tum, riff riff, evil solo. Sorthing things out. This really could become one of the favorite songs on the album. Best words for this song is, brutality unleashed.

Catatonic, is also a very very good song if you ask me. Also one of my favorites to be, they show that brutality with great heavy music,
same goes for voice. This is what I like about this album, they are saying, hey look
at us, we’re not young as we used to be. But look at this, listen to this, it’s like slow painfull death you’re watching, while hearing your last intelect moans. Guitars again are just absolutely beatuiful with great great drums.

If you took a pen, to draw something, you would draw greek style, huge looking gods. With grey beards too, but as however they look, learn what distance means.

Black Serenade, what this song makes me do is, just … be marry :D While listening this song I have a feeling of liquor livers, me holing myself by hand and making the bunny hops.

Cult, as I said, this was my best of those 3 songs I got, this is definetely my still favorite now. What? Describe my favorite? Fuck you. Yea these are best lyrics on album as far as I think. And however you want to take it, 100% true.

Supremist, first time I listened it, it was a drunken fight again. Until 2nd minute, you’ll definetely want to hear those guitars. Now this one of those songs you start playing just to hear certain part.

“People won’t be disappointed. We’re not going to come out with something completely different.” (Tom Araya)

You have definetely not dissapointed me. This is actually something completely
different. Or I’m turning into something that’s competely different.

It’s different, because it can be listened to as, somewhat lets call it GHUA vol2.
While it’s nothing like GHUA. First time you listened to this, you’ll want to just go
back to your player and play “Hell Awaits”, but if you listen to it for  second time. You’ll notice the difference.

Second time again, you’ll just pay more attention to what they did to sound like that.
You know, I know numerous people, they are your place GHUA, player shuffles to
one of the the GHUA songs and they are like “What is this!? This is great!?”

When you play them, Hell Awaits, they say like … blah %

In this meaning it’s something new, something I’ll play to people tonight when I go outside, and do not feel ashamed. This is nothing great, nothing bad either. This is Slayer, more then 20years later. Times change, but those for hardened artheries it never changes.

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