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August 28, 2008 – 20:26 by Adnan Hodzic

It’s been almost 2 months since my last post here on foolcontrol.

After I got enough of emails of you guys asking me: “Was that it for foolcontrol?” “Is foolcontrol dead?” “Are you dead?” “Why haven’t you been writing anything?” … I thought least I can do is post anything. Problem is that I was incredibly busy, so it all just kinda hit me hard, working on a lot of projects (simultaneously of course), then this and that … it was just too much to handle. At least in a sense to write a blog post, after work once I’m home, instead of relaxing, enjoying myslef, I’d just switch to work on my other project(s).

Don’t get me wrong, I love working, I’m really enjoying it, and this blog or whatever you want to call it, I’m doing all of this from pure enjoyment, not cuz I’m forced to do so or anything like that. And thank all to the guys who were actually “worried” about what’s happening both to me and foolcontrol. Since a lot has happened in a period since my last post, this will pretty much what “ordinary” people write on their blogs, and that is, boring stuff from their life :)

What was I doing that kept me so busy?

Beginning of summer, for most people synonym for heat, beaches, hot naked objects and beer. So just as summer started I got hired to develop School Information System for AUBIH. Briefly … Debian, Postgresql, Apache, PHP and tons of caffeine. Whole system took me around 3months to develop, and was one of the projects that kept me most occupied this whole summer.

Starting with DebConf8, I didn’t make it to Argentina, mostly since I was careless enough to miss the sponsorship for the travel, which was incredibly expensive.  But working whole summer has it’s good sides of course :) I managed to buy a IBM/Lenovo X300, of course expect a “all-inclusive” post about this notebook! Also I spent my vacation in 5 star hotel in Turkey, which also included a cruise along the coast and trip to Aquapark, in total this was just one amazing vacation, also expect I write something about that one too ;)

From technical side, I managed to buy a notebook of a year, complete SIS + bunch of other projects, and also I managed to “export” my services to US soil, after I completed project for this real estate company, they were so happy that they have another project just waiting for me to take it. Thing I did you can find on eurocraftmi.com (it’s still under beta devel stage so don’t be too harsh on me).

Also one of the things I also got myself and thing I want to talk about is a WD MyBook World Edition, which just seems a hard drive, but is actually a linux powered server, really interesting “gadget”.

Happenings from the open source world?

There have been many happenings from the open source world I want to talk about, just yesterday first beta of Debian Live was released after 2.5 years of development! Also Debian Lenny should be released within a month or so! Very interesting release, besides those two I’m counting days till Gnome 2.24 is released and OpenOffice 3, and all these things are due in a month or so.

Also, just yesterday I started preparing code for FoolControl v1.5, which could also easily become 2.0, have a lot of interesting things I wan’t to put on this whole place, so let’s just keep all those things as a secret for now ;)

All in all, I’m back and ready to embellish your morning caffee with some interesting stuff.

Peace out.

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