DORS/CLUC 2008 Zagreb

April 27, 2008 – 5:52 pm by Adnan Hodzic

OK, so last week I was in Zagreb, attenting DORS/CLUC 2008. The conference + workshop, only lasted 2 days + 1 day workshop, but my friend Vedran (best know for being owner of and myself went there 1 day earlier, and I extended my stay cuz I enjoyed Zagreb so much Smile

When it comes to conference, it was absolutely great, most of attention and best lecture was by “Harald Welte” about OpenMoko. I had a nice little chat with him, about it all. Alan Cox was there as well, but to be honest, I expected much more from his “lecture” but that always happens when you get your expentations too high, from anything really.

I’d like to give out a special thanks to Kristijan Zimmer, who was like the main organizator of it all, and who did a great job for all of it, and of course Vlatko Kosturjak Smile

What came out good out of this whole thing? Well besides really great time I had in Zagreb, and everything/everybody being so nice to me, conference and both workshop were really great. If I’d like to make a comparison between a big thing such as DebConf and DORS, I’d really give DORS … I’d rate it 9 out 10.

So …

1. Conference and workshop were great, check
2. I signed a contract for this projet, relatively good money invovled, check
3. I got a “Moodle” certificate on 3 rd day of DORS on a workshop, check
4. Everything was absolutely great and I enjoyed it, check
5. And I got opportunity to talk/lecture on DORS next year (didn’t plan this at all), but if I do something worth talking about, I’ll definetely do it.

So here, enjoy the pictures and a video I made. There’s just so much to say but … yea. Besides this all, I’m workin on 3 projects right now, so I won’t really have time to post for awhile here, I also have big plans to develop “FoolControl v1.5” but all in it’s time. And yes “ultimate” answer to an “ultimate” question is that, after this whole event I can walk around saying that “size does not matter” don’t ask me anything about this Smile

Hood we were in, was absolutely beatuful, kinda near to FER and ex INA building.

Btw, we had a private room in “Buzz hostel” and staff was incredibly great to us, it turned out to be great place, downtown Zagreb and all.

FER building

Yup, it’s a tux alright Smile

I simply love this one Smile
Check the size of the coffee cups

And now check the actual size Smile

And here’s a video Smile
Last night there was this pretty big party at our hostel, so some of us couldn’t sleep cuz of it. Vedran desperately trying to stay awake Grin

  • change

    aaaah, i regret i wasn’t down there dude, i would definitely come with you!!

    and dude your hair looks wicked Grin i really like it!!!

  • Thanks man, there’s always next year.

    “smps” said he’s coming next year, so I’ll expect you’re coming with him Wink

  • change

    i sure will try Smile

  • anya

    hee hee! you look like a fuzzy kitty ado!

  • thank you for that video…

    you bastard!!!

  • It was up to Cox’s boring talk…

  • @anya – kitty? Ok if you say so Smile

    @valajbeg – heh, come on hard feelings it’s such a good video Grin

  • BrencelJ

    Wow man I wish I would go there hmm maybe next year.

    OpenMoko damn man did they tell you anithing special Grin what do you think about it now Razz any new feelings.

    So This was great even though it was so short damn I should go on this kind of stuff he he.

  • DocRock

    lepo lepo .
    I am glad that you are attending all these great useful events,I am attneding Scott Kelby’s event next friday. Oh I almost forgot to tell ya, I am going back to University this fall I just got a nice grant from State on NJ.

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