Youtube 2007 Video Awards

March 14, 2008 – 17:05 by Adnan Hodzic

Regarding this whole thing, more then a good idea for Google/Youtube.
Presented videos are mixture from “classic” Youtube stuff that is whole “commentary” section is like that. After my behemoth remedy, Youtube is the best hangover cure as well. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it’s loaded with crap. And no I’m not bashing Youtube, I like Youtube :)

Anyways, let’s disregard my “sarcastically-demented-unhappy” point of view, and see what’s up with these 2007 Video Awards.

12 categories


This is second video that … just had huge “impact” on me. Gotta see it.


Let’s please pass on this category.


Um .. no

Short Film

Heh, I liked other in this category as well, but my vote goes for this one, why … well go ahead and think about it if you want to :)


Didn’t even go over it. No picks obviously.


Suprisingly enough I actually had a pick in sports category! Why see it yourself, it just looks as so much fun to me :)


Ok this was most definetely hardest category to chose from. But I had my absolute winner, think about watching this one right now, cuz it’s really long (1:16) but so worth watching.


This was so easy, and I adore this one


Hard to pick, but I already had this one in my favorites so … it’s just too good.


Easy and simple.


Heh, I actually might think about buying a wii after this one :)


No, I don’t do this. But I do think that this whole “series” thing on Youtube has great future. No picks here.

If you wanna pick your favorites as well, head to, you can cast votes till 19th.

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