Death Metal

March 4, 2008 – 9:21 am by Adnan Hodzic

Anyways, after seeing numerous YouTube to whatever comments something along the line “do all dreadlock guy have to listen to this death metal emo shit” or something very similiar to that. This morning I got a shout on that I just couldn’t go by. I won’t releaved this guys personal data but what he said in my shoutbox is: ” do you ever listen to happy music?”

What’s happy music? Hm, ok let’s see what is he listening to CKY and Placebo … yea. What is CKY? All I know if it wasn’t for Bam Margera this band wouldn’t see the daylight. Second Placebo … I seriously won’t comment this.

Now, you can turn down and mock emo, I don’t give a shit about them, but don’t get me involved. I really think that I’m a nice guy, but I wasn’t always nice, so please don’t bring that other me with this crap.

Why? Well here’s why. People who say this shit, listen to MTV or whatever is given to them. Ok what the fuck do you listen to your whole life? “You love me, I don’t love you” bla bla, or it has to be something related to love. Ok, people but some of us really have other problems in life, that is other then love. Ok let’s listen to Hip Hop/Rap/Whatever. WTF do you sing about, feeding your huge fucking ego with some bullshit how you got five cars, five wives, five houses, who da fuck gives a fuck about that?

Now, is there a difference? Is my music sad, well yea most of the time, but it’s the best picture of what life is. Life isn’t one big happy place, it’s actually what you make out of it, and I’m happy. I prolly have more then all of you hip hop ganstas, but I don’t brag about it, I turn around and keep doing my thing.

Try having your realself motherfuckers, don’t be like they tell you what you should be like. Try having your opinion. Of course, there are exceptions, but what I hear all you sing about is bullshit. In my eyes, your IQ drops immidiately when you tell me what you listen to. Of course you can slip some stuff in, just to feed your basic human “insticts”, but all the time, your whole life? You’re a retard.

In the end why does it even matter what I listen to? Does it bother that you can’t understand why I’m listening to this crap? Does it bother you I don’t have profiles on myspace, hi5, facebook and etc?

Of course, there are assholes who represent my music in a bad way, if it wasn’t for that you wouldn’t be saying all this stupid crap. You wouldn’t get this wrong perception of the whole thing. For starters, Death Metal is not called Death Metal cuz all the talk about in it is regarding Death you moron. And for starters, kids, adolescents, teens like to get into this whole thing but it makes them rebelios. They can move all the attention on themselves, cuz of this same kids I don’t wanna go to metal shows anymore.

Here’s one awesome video, please see it, and next time you think about stuff like this, just think about it, think really hard before bringing up conclusions, even tho you think it won’t matter. It’ll matter, it’ll mater to at least 2 people, after 2 people, you get 4, and then you get a domino effect, someone always have to start the sparc. Think about it.

  • BrencelJ

    Man someone had to press wrong button on you because I haven’t seen you post like this but yea you are right about this and I hate when people talk crap about my music and they listen to commercial stuff that music is nice to listen when you are in a pub chatting whit friends because they cant play your music all around the bars.
    Ha ha ha sad music sad music is something that makes you cry not that is spoken about death or hitting stuff Razz. that is just pump up music at least I think that way.
    the video is great I like his idea he he he is right that people judge others by the looks way to much but I know that I judge sometimes but more for fun than others but some times I get angry and say that someone that dresses like that and this is idiot but that is because I get angry.
    OK so I like this post really Grin

  • Yea, someone did press a wrong button on me. It’s actually building inside of me for quite a long time. But now they just crossed the line.

    Others may let you treat them the way they want, I don’t. I fight no matter the results. At least I tried is what I’ll say Smile

    And video was there just to back me up, nice sidekick eh?

  • BrencelJ

    yea nice sidekick yea he he and I really like the point that guy is making Grin. he he he

  • Roltin

    I wasn’t calling the music sorry.
    I was just wondering Frown
    PS. I don’t normaly listen to thos bands

  • Rolyin

    name is rolyin on the last comment sorry.

  • Yea, man came up Smile

    Thought he was mocking to mi trash/death metal, came up as a misunderstanding but … it usually isnt Smile

  • DocRock

    Yeah man .
    I understand completely how you feel. It’s same thing these days with all genres of music. As much as this informational age help us to develop and learn things faster without living home it also makes us less inventive and discoverable. Man, these new kids all they have is their Digital Cable, Myspace, and hi5 or whatever. They have no drive of what people use to have before internet was around. Go out to the scene: book shows, buy cd’s or records, make fanzines etc. Now everything is instant listening to metal or punk rock is nothing special anymore it takes a kid 15 min to get into it just a nice high speed cable modem and band name.