White dreadlocks

February 9, 2008 – 13:43 by Adnan Hodzic

Besides my everyday problems (either becoming debian or fedora developer :) ) Another big thing is troubling me. I feel like it’s really important to discuss and end this discussion once for all. And I have no intention of hurting anyone or anything.

And I’d really like you to comment on this post, I really want to hear your opinion related to this topic.

Ok here’s the story, as many of you may know I used to have dreadlocks, I “lost” them due to life threating accident. So now 3 or what years later … I’m tired of shaving my head, hair or no hair, 1 or 0. So I’m thinking of just letting my hair naturally get tangled and eventually ending up in dreadlocks.

But now, I’m actually getting the second thoughts. First time I was basically a teenager, had 18-19 years when I had them done (I did/made them myself). Back then I just liked the damn thing and I didn’t think about anything else. Now I’m actually thinking about it, its consequences and reactions/actions it could/will provoke.

First “clash” I would get is the one from people. Weird looks and etc, it’s basically environment with a lot of just narrow minded, or completely close minded. But I didn’t give a fuck about it then, nor do I now. Now I could go on and on with this talk, how it’s all bad here.

So since I want natural dreadlocks (first time I did them with “backcomb method”) I started googling. What I came across is … it’s actually giving me seconds thoughts on all this. It’s pretty normal that a lot of people have them, a lot of white people have them.

So from small environment story, we’re going to big environment story. Here’s it’s weird looks and whispers junkie and etc … In USA it’s actually a racial issue … WTF!

Here, just trying googling it “White dreadlocks“, all these stories, it’s just … ridiculous. I can understand a black people, why they are (some of them) against “white boys dreadlocks”. I’m mad at those fake fucker kids too, that only bring disrespect to someones religion/belief/whatever with them.

In a way, I have to agree. Hate pretenders/fakers just so it’s “cool”, just so it’ll make me more “ghetto” or whatever. I really wouldn’t like to start talk who starter making dreads first, but as far as I know it’s that old Egyptians, pharaohs or whoever used to make them, however term “Dreadlocks” first came from Jamaica, Rastafari movement. Then white people come up with stories, and common stereotypes, you smell bad, you take drugs, you never wash it, it’s dirty and bullshit like that. And on top of it all, in some of the comments, made by older white saying that you’re supporting blacks by having dreadlocks. I mean, I just can’t get into it, it’s just hair style don’t you think?

I’m just a computer geek, nerd, whatever, have nothing to do with Rastafari movement, have nothing to do with anybody, music, weed or anything I just love dreadlocks :)
Of course you’ll bump in tons of “normal” comments, but the idea seriously behind it … I would like to understand it, I do kind of understand it but …

In the end this just might sound as stupid post, but it’s really funny what will people come up with. Here in Europe it’s pretty much different, but still I read comments about bad approaches. Even I bumped into a guy (Croatia) and I was asked something along the line “Why dreadlocks? You’re white” There’s so many of good people, and then those few fakers blur up the whole image about the whole thing. But as long as I see a complete stranger, another guy with dreadlocks, and all we can speak same language, that is exchanging “peace signs” … that’s good enough for me :)

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