Google invasion with web history

January 29, 2008 – 15:04 by Adnan Hodzic

Just few days ago, I had this conversation how Google is becoming … well just like any big corporation. However I still I couldn’t stay negative when it comes to Google. For begining, when I was opening foolcontrol, I have it all prepaed, my own mail server to everything. But still I’d use some of Google services, search, analytics, code, google earth and so on.

I really know a lot about Google, so I’m just trying to separate them from companies such as Microsoft … When I first found them in 99 or whenever, I was literally looking for something for at least half an hour, Google and there 20secs …

But lately, I’m getting cornered with Google. First, I use Gmail, I have 5 mail accounts in it, Google has my data. Hell just until recently Google was holding my blog data. Anyways, but I’m just being careful what I write with Gmail, when I need something to be sent without passing by “censor” system or anything like that, well I’ve got separate email account for that one ;)

But one thing that was bothering me the most about google, was Google Web History. Ok, what’s so helpful about google web history, that I can look what I was looking for, and go through my web search trends and so on? Yea, except that Google will go through it too, I’m setting what I’m searching for to Google as well.

Google’s not bad, their slogan is “Don’t be evil” when KDE4 was being released, they held announce party, just get there and rest is being paid. On DebConf7, from “pizzas by google” to google notepads, they really gave us a lot. They try to give back their part to Open Source and Linux, because if it wasn’t for them, they prolly wouldn’t even exist today, not to mention being what they are today. So in the end, at least for that part we gotta appreciate them.

But again, that’s all fine, but why web search history, people said I’m juts too paranoid and blah blah. Yea, maybe I’m just aware or something, but I wanted it off. When you register your account at google for adsense lets say, with, you’ll be asked politely if you want web search “feature” enabled.

Once you got Google accounts for years, I don’t remember they asked me about that, they just implemented new “cool feature”. So lately I started being annoyed with keep signing out of Google account and such that I had to do something.

When explaining what was my problem with this “feature” I’d mostly say, well imagine I go to ask for job tomorrow at google. And imagine I’m a freak for kiddie porn, you’ll prolly find a lot of those, all because I nicely have my web history. Not to mention that if you’re member of a clan or something, that if state wants information from Google that could help them, they’ll get it.

In web search history options, you have a option to “pause” web history, but that wasn’t enough, until I eventually found I could really remove it for good. So I advise you do the following.

Go to your google account, on top of “My services” you’ll see “edit” link.

There you’ll find ability to actually delete some of the google account services.

Click on “Delete web history”
After you have done this, you’ll get a warning message how and what all the great features you’ll be missing :)

Just remove it :)
After you have they’ll say how your Google web history has been removed from your account. Right now I believe they have really done so, but still I have some suspicions, but at really low level.

Don’t be evil Google :)

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