foolcontrol v1.0RC1

January 24, 2008 – 2:51 am by Adnan Hodzic

Am I on a right website? Smile

Again, no sleep, hyperventilating, but I managed to release v1.0RC1!

About last look, I just said damit, it’s depressing, it’s too common, I gotta do something about.

Fired up kwrite and started writing template from the scratch, this time I figured two columns will be just fine, colors, bright yet easy on eyes. Of course in absinthish style Smile

Yes, another great thing was bothering me, last template, and whole beta2 was completely fscked up in IE. Only 15% visitors of this site are IE users, but still, I’m very touchy when it comes to compability, and even tho that means IE not following the standards … But something had to be done. Right now, v1.0RC1 is working pretty much ok in all browsers, again being best optimized for Firefox.

Why v1.0RC1?
Well there are still some glitches and everything, but I think I’m definitely done with it for most of the part, I just need to monitor it more. Starting from tomorrow I’m writing posts again Smile

Please rate, and again any comments/suggestions/anything please give me a beep.

  • BrencelJ

    hmm I prefer the beta2 over this one that one was nice but this one isn’t bad just a bit different Razz I just hope you will pick the right one. It is hard to see your page work in every browser except IE. But that is mostly the problem Razz so I think you should pick the one that works whit IE Razz he he he

  • velimir

    i think this one’s the best so far…

    keep it Grin

  • This one works with every browser except that Konqueror while on home will display the last post and first post, instead of showing them all.

    Again it works with all, but again best optimized for Firefox just as previous one.

    I wrote this one from scratch, and I really like it, and it’s final I’m keeping this one when it comes to foolcontrol new look.

  • BrencelJ

    but will you try to fix that that I see all of the posts not just first and last Razz

  • Yea, most definitely, even though right now I have no idea why konqueror is behaving this way