foolcontrol beta2

January 22, 2008 – 23:54 by Adnan Hodzic

Ok, I’m on a computer for some ~15 hours now, to bring you guys beta2, It’s been just too much coding behind this all.

But let’s start from the beginning. Why the new looks? I knew I need another column, after adding that another column, I figured I need another one. So I simply said bye-bye.

Ok, to shorten it all up, just take a look around, two words, php and ajax, integrated/wrote contact page, request email page, fixed buggy email login page, impletemented a whole new upload/download system, and foolcontrol google ajax search (see bottom of page), implemented a whole new “ajax polling system“.

Before I go on, I’d just like to say that this upload/download system, this is not complete, soon enough I’ll let you guys upload files here too, I can’t be the only person that finds cool stuff :) Also I’m thinking of setting up separate members download section, but this will be for sometimes in future. Also I won’t post every new posts about new games, like “Top Mobile Games Download” and such, I’ll just post them in download section for you too check.

Also I plan to let in few members that will also be able to write stuff just as I am. When I’m busy and you saw a lot of that for past few months, site won’t be completely deserted.

Also what I’m thinking of is implementing forum, but I’ll see if we/you need that or not.
There, for now this is release of foolcontrol beta2. Please comment/suggest/whatever, I really want to hear your comments on all of this. Also please vote on how you feel about beta2!

Last night, after hours and hours of coding, I see that foolcontrol is working fine on all browsers, firefox, icemonkey, konqueror, opera, but not Internet Explorer (ie) it looks like a 7year old wrote it all. I will not get into this why it doesn’t work, except maybe putting a sign that it doesn’t work on IE, get Firefox :)

Seriously, right now I’m not going to look into it, if you got ideas, let me know.

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