Me, the mythbuster. Does our fat keep us warm or not?

January 26, 2008 – 8:19 pm by Adnan Hodzic

Heh, this might be just a plain weird post.

I have a weird thing going on, which is when winter starts I really don’t start wearing jacket like others, I just switch to sweater or something. During this “research” I wore jacket, but I was convinced that it was fat that kept me warm. I couldn’t be stuck in puberty I’m 22 Smile
So sometime last year (I think it was October or something), my gf who is a pharmacy student told me that our (human) fat and animal part is completely different, and that it serves different purposes. It’s a fact that animals are using it to stay warm and etc … So I tell her it’s all bullshit and that I’ll test their “fact”.

Of course this took months, I wasn’t really paying that much attention to it, but I was somewhat/somehow. Work/School helped me lose weight, so my weight/fat differed too.
Interesting enough, I, who always keeps being right, have to admit that after all this time am getting to a point, where … they are right! Smile

How? Why?

Well over this period, when I lost weight I was really feeling much colder, which actually stands by my side/theory. But in the meantime I watched I dunno what Brainiacs/Mythbusters and in one of the “What’s better to be Fat or Thin”
In this episode it was comparison between fat guy and thing guy and they were sitting in a room where it was only getting warmer and warmer. Fat guy was only 0.5 (half) of a Celsius degree hotter then the thin guy! This even may vary individually, but I pretty much doubt it.

You can also use the clear fact that you shouldn’t just trust them, I’ve seen both Mythbusters and Brainiacs proving same thing with different results, or even make clear mistakes. Nevertheless, their result is actually being good for my new side story.

Result and final explanation is really simple. And one more thing, when I was losing weight, I was losing weight but it wasn’t drastic weight loss, but loss where a lot more fat would be left to cover you up.

So why are they right, that human fat and animal fat completely different tasks? What makes you warmer then regular? You can hear older people still saying stuff like this “strong food”, and they were right now. What keeps you warm by theory is, that you are have more fat then others, which means that you’re drinking/eating more then others, which means you’re taking too many calories, taking in too much energy and not releasing it Smile

Two days after I was on my break, when I started eating like an animal again, I started feeling warm again ^_^ BTW, I’m not fat, I’m just working out a lot Smile

There, this in the end might not be something big or anything, maybe even boring. But hey, you kids learned something new today Razz

Now my next project that’s gonna take … not months but prolly 2 years is that … right now I’m almost on a zero cut haircut, and what I want to prove that I’ll let my hair grow and that dreadlocks will grow instantly. And no I won’t be using neglect method, but I could say base of this project would be neglect method … and why dreadlocks? Well I used to have them, and it seems like I didn’t get over them Smile

  • BrencelJ

    Nice nice It is good to read some helpfull info Grin he he so I kinda see now if I eat to much stuff I will be warmer damn that is good Grin he he.

    We will see if you will be able to have dreadlocks Grin in 2 years and if you will be able to have them from day 1 Wink

  • Yea regarding dreadlocks, I shaved my head for last time 2-3 days ago, however I’m planning to start counting time from feb1, so it’s easier to track time.

    It wont be as you imagine it, dread out of sudden, what I’m trying to say is that, without neglecting my hair, washing it normally and all that, and that dreads will grow Smile

    I’ll keep you updated on this one too, today I took first hair pictures Smile

  • BrencelJ

    nice so you wont wash your hair and comb them they will become in to dreads I hope you have curly hair because otherwise that is more impossible than possible. But we will se he he he you have those pictures saved ha ha

  • Yea I’ll have them saved they are in my “Projects” direcotry, and no contrary! I will wash my hair normally as I did so far, which means if not every day, then every second day Smile

  • And yea, no my hair is completely straight and not curly at all Smile

  • velimir

    i’ve noticed that i was sweating alot more this summer than before…and this summer i gained like 10 Kilos so…

    it kinda proves your theory Smile

  • Ron

    Nice! Thanks!