January 19, 2008 – 3:08 pm by Adnan Hodzic

Right now, I’m on a break when it comes to university, I’m actually trying to give myself as much break as I can. Even trying to stay away from computer. Not working any projects or anything, just chilling out.
I’m actually fixing some problem which I didn’t even figure out I had, until I got some time. Anyways, just today I found out a great game I want to share with you all.
Teewars kick ass Smile
First, it gave me couple of laughs, second it works just fine on linux.
Very simple, (w)get http://www.teewars.com/files/teewars-0.3.3-linux_x86.tar.gz
Extract it, get in and run it. In case you see “AbsintheSyringe” running around let me know Wink

  • BrencelJ

    heheh I try the game it is cool Grin I really liked it it is fun to play and you can stop whenever you want to Grin and it works in linux windows and mac Grin it is cool how did you find it Razz

  • Heh, I have no idea for the most of the stuff I come up with Smile
    It just comes to me kinda.

  • BrencelJ

    man it is really nice game I hope we will find each other Grin he he in it and yea you find some cool stuff a lot of times I hope you will find some other cool games Grin he he he