January 19, 2008 – 15:08 by Adnan Hodzic

Right now, I’m on a break when it comes to university, I’m actually trying to give myself as much break as I can. Even trying to stay away from computer. Not working any projects or anything, just chilling out.
I’m actually fixing some problem which I didn’t even figure out I had, until I got some time. Anyways, just today I found out a great game I want to share with you all.
Teewars kick ass :)
First, it gave me couple of laughs, second it works just fine on linux.
Very simple, (w)get http://www.teewars.com/files/teewars-0.3.3-linux_x86.tar.gz
Extract it, get in and run it. In case you see “AbsintheSyringe” running around let me know ;)

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