Those who are waiting for Vista …

June 9, 2006 – 03:19 by Adnan Hodzic

There was this theory of mine that only teenagers are going to get Windows Vista, and they’ll still remain MacOSX wannabes. Last night this proved my theory, and it still … itches back of my head.

I was in a supermarket, so I notice this kid (he’s i 16-15 around there) and he’s my next door neighbour, so for a nice guy as I am (hihi) I wanted to exchange few words. So I go: “What are you doing, I dont see you around or anything, school?”
His response is: “Nah, I’m pretty much waiting and trying to get Vista” at this point my eye twitches.

To talk about windows kernel or any other things there’s no point, I installed preivous versions of windows on his computer few years ago, so I doubt he knows what I would start talking about, so I go ahead with easiest arguments: “You know the requirements? You know that you need 15GB of hdd just to install it?” “I’ve got 100” he says. “Do you have 128MB non shared graphic card?” “I’ve got 256 one” he said it like he had the latest new BMW. He plays a lot of games that’s why he needs a graphics like that.
And even if he didnt have a graphic card like that one he would get it just for

He kept on talking that he bought a new computer and blah blah, I didnt really listen to him or anything anymore, I just went into this blackout of mine and thinking you “rich fuck” his dad is minister of juistice if not of juistice he’s minister of something. Now hours later this fact still haunts me. And in the end kids like this are going to finish college and be something, while I’ll just be a slacker.

Other new from my life … none. I woke up at 4 something AM, I have no idea why. This is gonna be one long day. Also I talked to my gf about Tunisia and crap last night. She actually agrees that we do not go, and that we go to MetalCamp, Tolmin Slovenia :D

After that we would or stay for few days in Slovenia, she has a sister there, or something. But since I really cant stand Slovenia, we woud prolly hit it to Croatia,
I’m completely fed up of Croatia too, but I got friends from there so I guess it would be fun. Heh tour de Balkans :)

She still has to talk this over, since I need to call this guy for the tickets today or tommorrow the latest.

However \m/

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