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November 4, 2007 – 12:52 by Adnan Hodzic

It’s weird, how we IT people act, react and of course interact.

And I’ll leave that sentence as it is. But once we get good jobs, or even when we don’t have jobs. We forget others, we have to figure ways to get to go out for a drink with … last time I remember really close IT buddies. And beyond that. We stop stopping by on IRC, we stop writing blog posts, we stop doing everything.

Yes, what I’m doing is much much more valuable (literally), but why was doing this all? So once you get it rolling you stop it all? But you lose a contact, then you just wanna get a reason to get out, and be free and get wasted. Maybe we should really try to level our dosages.

Well first place to start of is, yes of course I was busy. Here’s my story.

Lately everything is going so smoothly that it’s just crazy. University is ok, I guess … Fuck the regular life, things are so good that it’s frightening. Last time, I was blogging, I was hacking local machines on my university, later on I hacked my university mail server, no reason, I just needed pop3/smtp and they refused, or were just too lazy to give it to me. Not giving a fuck I mailed my professor about it.

He said he knew I’d do something like that. Later on, I get a job at my university. Last day of work (Friday) I had a simple task of hacking Windows 2003 Server machine. That is rooting it in Linux jargon.

I finished that job for Government of Tanzania, guy who hired me was happy with what I did, that he gave me another job, let me tag my own price on my work this time. It’s weird, because last few years I struggled to do some of this stuff. And it wouldn’t happen. Now it’s just happening, I didn’t even ask for it, it came by itself.

Weird eh?

Money, well I think I will spend it all in some weird countries :)
Last night my girlfriend told me about deal with Istanbul and Dubai. I love that deal, since for quite some time I have this thing for Istanbul, and Dubai!

As it goes for my “professional life”, I’m definitely going to CeBIT (Hanover, Germany), if not CeBIT, then definitely DebConf8 (Mar del Plata, Argentina). Talking about Debian, I’m still going very strong for it, in one of these days I’ll install it on few machines in the lab (university).

Besides that, all I do is work. I just got a question, from my university colleague, why do you work so much? And for the first time I thought about it, and said, “shit I guess I like to work”
Heh, besides work, I didn’t get my hands on any of the gadgets lately. Even tho Play Station 3 price just dropped drastically, so I’m thinking of getting it just for … playing on it (in literal sense of course). Also, still waiting for Sony Ericsson W960 (when I’m at it, Mobile fans, games are not available cuz the server is down, I’m gonna get a new one really soon, so … :)
Besides all that, I’m waiting for Firefox 3.0 and KDE 4.0. So … I’m just waiting for it :)

Even tho, I got my hands on iPhone, and if you want my opinion on iPhone, you gonna get it.


P.S: Once I get that server, I’m gonna get a super short url for this thing :) You bastards like to memorize instead of just using bookmarks.

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