Eyeglasses vs Contact lenses from geek point of view

September 20, 2007 – 16:43 by Adnan Hodzic

This is just my opinion, all you Slackware users … just stick to glasses and skip this post :)

Losing my eyesight … well I’d say it started some 2 years ago, I just didn’t pay too much attention to it. I go see a Ophthalmologists (let’s call him an eye doctor from now on), he gives me my diopter , I go to the first store and get my eyeglasses, note my first virgin eyeglasses.

Also please note that when I was getting them (my frames), my comment on which pair do I like was: “I don’t give a fuck” So I got my pair, also please note that there aren’t any normal eyeglasses frames nowdays! I wasn’t looking anything … “extravagant” I was just looking for a normal eyeglasses frame. Geeky ones were stolen by Emo population. Really geeky ones were just … your grandfather style of glasses were the only normal choice if you wanted normal frames. So this is the most “normal” frame I think I could pick.

So here’s my problem with eyeglasses. My first problem with eyeglasses is that, ok let’s talk about evolution, glasses were invented in 1284. That’s 723 years ago, ok … a lot happened in the meantime, seriously a lot. Contact lenses have gone from being hard glass to soft and are nearly invisible. So what has changed in 723 years regarding glasses? Nothing, except frames getting changed, all thanks to our so great fashion!

Regarding, all the glasses frames look? Honest? I’m a Linux user (read male), so I’m prolly looking stupid in those glasses, but I don’t care. Unlike Windows users (read females), who get really upset for looking bad.

However that is something else bothering me with our beautiful fashion! Of course it’s the frames style, why? Because if I wanted to see that bird that just wasted my head, I’ll gave to tilt my head up. I keep tripping, why? Because I have tilt my head down to see where I’m going. Same goes for looking in any of the sides, therefor I’ll just call todays frames the owl.

So your eyesight is …
Also just picture yourself, watching your eyeglasses shots, few years later.

Second problem is that, our modern (huh?) looking frames (mine are made of metal) usually get crooked. I had to keep twisting them back, all the time. This gets really annoying over time.

Third problem is that, I had to keep cleaning my glasses (which were made of plastic, you know in case I get into some kind of fight or something …), glass, plastic it doesn’t matter, is probe to get your or someone else fingerprints on them. So yea it’ll keep you busy cleaning them.

I could really go on, since I really have nothing good to say about eyeglasses, except primitive and stupid. So I had enough, instead of going and getting myself a new pair of frames, and FYI I seriously was looking if fashion changed at all … hm … yea, it did actually. I was offered same style frames, except that they were orange. Seriously lady offered me those, too bad you weren’t there to hear my comment on that one :)

So I said, I’ll just contact lens. Ok, let’s skip all the … lens are torture part … and all. Contact eyesight is … awesome. Right during my first day I said, “it feels like I got new eyes.” On few occasions when my friends asked me, what I was doing, I said “looking”, and I was looking, literally. I’m not bullshitting you, but at least in my case it’s like world got all those colors again, it got pretty again :)

During first two weeks, it was really ugly, it took me at around 6mins to get lens in, but after I did it I felt great. Yes, we did a lot more evolution, talking about eyes, contacts are not perfect either, but I’m definitely going for LASIK soon enough (read: when I got enough money and know a good LASIK surgeon).

So right now I’m sticking to my lenses. Even tho sometimes it doesn’t feel the greatest being in the dark in front of computer screen, then I just use glasses, but going outside? World seriously looks good.

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