WTF is what the fuck?

September 15, 2007 – 22:09 by Adnan Hodzic

I haven’t posted anything in 20 days (only, I really though ages passed …)

I was kind of in a … havoc; So in those 20 days, right I just realized that I just might have interesting life … I mean, well first after years of Slackware, I think I definitely switched to Debian. That has been put into drafts, I’m writing about it, also I switched from glasses to lenses, that is also one nice draft over there, (see the pattern? Debian, lenses … getting bling bling. Yes, I am growing a vagina)

Oh yes, almost forgot, Adnan Hodzic, almost killed his alter ego AbsintheSyringe, that bastard. That was an interesting trip, I guess I could write about that too, for most part, when was the last time you tried moving your inbox from few mb to maybe few gb’s? Graphical tools, such as Thunderbird (IceDove), Kmail, definitely fail in backing up those.

So, basically instead of killing AbsintheSyringe, I decided I kill this bastard that’s living inside of me, my beer belly. We’ll see how long it’ll last, but I actually started getting more into the whole healthy life scene. And I’ll definitely respect my decision, as long as I don’t get wasted tonight. I think I got a plan for that one too.

So far, I also worked this project … I think it was for government of this “not on map” country. But I think I’m getting fucked over, in case I really do get fucked … I think I got somewhat effective backup plan.

Both Cisco and my NEW University are starting in October, in 15days.

I also gotta change this avatar picture :)

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