WD … you bastards >_<

July 15, 2007 – 06:20 by Adnan Hodzic

Ok, I wanted this disc for a very long time, until yesterday I just snapped and went to get it finally.

It was Saturday, stores on Saturday work till 2, I got it around 1:55. Wow, it’s so cool and small and all that.

Disc still in “casing”

First thing I say is that cord … is kinda, well not kinda it’s short. So I plug it in and what do I get? Soft clicking sounds which was weird … wait … wait some more … time to get pissed. dmesg doesn’t say anything new, well try this and that, pretty much what this meant is that hdd is plain dead.

That would all be great, return it, I got receipt and all, but I heard guy saying something like “yea we got one more left”, and I got it 1:55 so yea … thing was closed.

So I’ll unleash my fury on them tomorrow :) And ask for a new one.
So no review about this cool looking thing or anything, Western Digital shame on you! Maybe you should think about going back to calculators.

So yea, it’s me just being plain jinx or … we’ll see.

P.S: If anyone got a some sort of pirate logo/sticker please let me know!

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