June 7, 2006 – 23:51 by Adnan Hodzic

Lately I’m thinking a lot about evolution. There’s more to come, but for now think about think about this.

Dinosaurs lets say, when it attacked someone, it would kill it. If the predators prey was equal to it’s size or could harm him, two dinosaurs would attack that dinosaurs to bring him down. That was ~75million years ago, in this modern age the story is still the same. We think we evolve, we think, from time to time you can still see those prehistoric insticts, ~75 million years later.

In the end just think about it.

Only thing I’m afraid of this world is me. I’m afraid of myself. Sometimes I like to go away, make it all simple and primitive. If I didnt need Visas and bunch of other things, I would just go and walk around the world.

Say that I’m going to get a beer, and never come back. I wouldnt ask too much or actually anything, just a backpack, and walk around the world. I would never come in touch with the civilization, I would keep walking through woods. Eating leaves and grass, if some animal attacks me, I would fight back, if it eats me, oh well that’s my end.

Just spend one year no where and everywhere basically. I would even write my book as well, mostly something “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” I wouldnt publish it or anything, I would just have it there, in case something eats me and actually someone finds me I left some mark on this mandkind.

Forget Zarathustra, I would actually have all time of the world to read all the possible literature and “investigate” the more I can in the wilderness. Count all the facts, and actually figure out that “evolutin gap”, at least give me thesis on it.

One day, to my animals, to my mountains I’ll go. Now I have to go back to present and 0100101010.

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