Leaving for DebConf

June 16, 2007 – 12:44 by Adnan Hodzic

Here’s some of my incredibly interesting life :)

Last … whatever days I really don’t know what’s been up. I been reading a lot, really a lot, studying for Cisco too. So yea not much time obviously.

Last week “sapphire” was here, as a big giant head of our Debian team for Bosnia, he left first. I took him around the town and etc … heh took them to that “sea” we got in middle of a city, even tho I said I wont follow, I jumped in too. In my clothes, I just couldn’t resist :)

Bla bla, he actually liked the city, and since our beauty is … specific nature beauty (wtf right?) I’ll just post few pictures of us looking like shit.

Toshiba vs MacBook && (Slackware vs Debian) && ugly vs ugly

Finally something pretty, MetalKitty

Sapphire how much of a sellout he is with his Microsoft mouse

Sapphire and trip0d

Sun ruined it all :/

Do I have to comment this?

Prayer for a picture :)

This is where 70 and something young lifes RIP when they were killed in Kapija massacre

I didn’t even know this faucet or whatever it is is here …


I don’t even know what the hell this is, but I still took him there :)

For your info, Tuzla was the first city that was free in World War II, of course cuz of all you damn … yea :) So yea this is basically memorial to them or something.

Saluting Tito …

Out, evening

AbsintheSyringe, sapphire, MetalKitty

Again, Toshiba vs MacBook

To sum it all up, we had good time, sapphire ended up on window, using it to throw up, what else of course. I got electrocuted by 220V, if you didn’t know this is sort that’s … pretty hard to kill, so yea I survived.

Took him to train station next morning, he left … that’s it. We hear it pretty much every day, he just called me, just so I have his UK number too :)

Before I forget, I also did “Phear” http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Phear?content=60432
Ubuntu haters rate it so low … I really don’t think it’s bad at all, I like it. Whatever.

Heh when we’re at it here’s one just for the show, pic of my hood before it rains

gomez is coming here in an hour or so, we’ve got bus 7AM tomorrow, bus to Pula, and from there we got a flight to Edinburgh. I didn’t pack or anything, my notebook, cellphone and absinthe is all I need … and credit card of course :) And yes, I surely wouldn’t call myself “AbsintheSyringe” if I wasn’t bringing a bottle of finest absinthe. Really good stuff, closest sort to what Hemingway enjoyed, in case you want one too …

Well that’s all, all I want is not to get r00ted, that’s my mission on DebConf :) Here you can see, some of the pics from DebConf 7 I got so far. http://flickr.com/photos/aigarius/sets/72157600344678016/

There should be another post however, “Debconf 7 summary” or something. Also we’ll be able to see us in INFO magazine, august edition. Doing the same, report on Debconf7 or whatever. August cuz we won’t make it to summer (two number out of once for June/July) edition.

I’m actually thinking of completely pulling to the underground after DebConf … That would mean, no more blog, no more YouTube bullshit, no more Pidgin … I don’t know.

That’s it folks! :)

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