Slackware vs Ubuntu :)

May 17, 2007 – 4:17 pm by Adnan Hodzic

Well it’s pretty much all said in here, even tho this could and does go and on and on, for hours.

I think I’ll have a lot of situations just like this one on DebConf with whole army of Ubuntu users Smile

  • BrencelJ

    Man I can only say this Ubuntu isnt for advanced users and the slackware guy is right about a lot of stuff and ubuntu user is like My Linux is bether. I hate ppl like this it takes more to master linux than just click and it is done you cant do anything if you just click. On the other hand Ubuntu is perfect if you dont want to bother with system and making stuff to work, because it does this for you and if you are windows user coming on linux that is what you need. Razz

    So I think that Ubuntu user should think twice before opening his mount to a slackware user Razz.

    I was Kubuntu user and I know that it isnt what Linuux is Razz

  • AbsintheSyringe

    Ubuntu I dont care about what you do, you shouldnt what I do, but you couldnt be any more ignorant.

    When something doesnt work they just wait for new version and hope it’ll work. But whatever, it’s still linux, so it doesnt matter.

    It’s fun to watch these guys, until you actually happens to you in real time Smile

    Heh, yea but I wont go any further it was pretty fun to watch, had few laughs.

  • AbsintheSyringe

    Heh, friend and I did the same thing once, but with Slackware vs Gentoo. Who’s gonna run OpenOffice faster (first boot) Smile

  • BrencelJ

    he he he so the con was nice Razz I hope you had a lot of fun and that you see some crazy ppl even more than you (about linux Razz)

  • AbsintheSyringe

    Dont worry about it, I’ll write a full “review”.

    Besides as I heard we gonna end up in this magazine too, if get there soon enough for summer edition. (