Dropline Gnome

June 7, 2006 – 16:48 by Adnan Hodzic

Now I’ll say something some of you know about.

This was a pretty crazy weekend, on friday I went to see Carmina Burana (with my GF) piece and man it was great, correction, awesome, ahh it was just …. :D Anyways it all started on saturday … the day after that great friday …

Let’s say I was in a “transition” between I dont know what … I had a completely twisted picture of what’s going around me. And on that day I had a pretty bad hangover. So I couldnt find the latest KDE 3.5.3 nicely packaged for Slackware, my KDE 3.5.2 which I had wasnt so nicely packaged.

So it was just like using windows, the thing would just crash and crash, so I said fuck it. Switched to fluxbox :) Then someone mantioned Dropline Gnome, which I … havent used since RedHat era and in my opinion they all have future but gnome doesnt. Windows Vista has future, at least some look into the future, vision of
future, MacOSX is MacOSX, KDE 4.0 is gonna be really something, but Gnome is just stuck on a … windows so alike, but macosx so wanna be. I hate it.

Neverthless, Patrick dropped it from Slackware cuz … here’s the exact quote he said:

“Jan 14 20:05:09 volkerdi: GNOME heads: there’s this thing called Ubuntu…”

I wont elaborate why he decided to drop it out of Slackware but trust me it was for the best. Anways …

There I was an idiot installing Dropline Gnome for some reason. Someone warned me about libs but I already started the install so I was … fuck it. It was all done perfectly, dropline gnome is great, but if you’re goign to use gnome and only gnome. So I go into gnome, great, I go back to KDE, which was completely fucked up! Basically nothing worked, delete this remove that, blah blah. That first day I spent 14 straight hours I didnt even go to bahtroom workin on my system. Then I gave up thinking it’s all fixed. For your info I removed dropline gnome which pulled tons of stuff with it.
So basically I was struggling to make my system work with that buggy KDE :)

Tomorrow, the saga continues, but better cuz I didnt have hangover or anything, after few hours I told myself I would spend much less time if I just reinstall the
whole system, recompile the kernel and that’s it. And I was going to do that, until my friend ask me why are you doing that.

Then later on I fixed my usb to work at all and amarok and now I’m happy. That was yesterday, interesting date as well 06.06.2006 = 666 :)

Yea, I’m back to KDE 3.5.2 cuz 3.5.3 is fucked as … it’s fucked. So this whole situation made me miss my most easy and simple exam every, so kids did you learn anything :D

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