Back to low cut

March 25, 2007 – 20:58 by Adnan Hodzic

Heh, as I was letting my hair grow back to dreadlocks, I get these “crisis” where I just want to rip the whole hair out. And on top of it all I hated that I looked like an ass. I looked so … normal? Homosexual? Preppy?

So today I wanted to go back to … low but not really the lowest low. Which I did, cuz I was a redneck enough to not know how to do it 6mm way, yes now I know, but I’ll grow back to that length in no time so … I’m happy. I figured why go back with dreadlocks again, I finished that period, went there, they kicked ass, good enough. Now let’s do something new.

Since nothing else interests me, having really short hair is what I stand on right now :) And let’s not forget that I was taking a mugshot everyday, for 115days.


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