Scary Movie 4

June 3, 2006 – 12:46 by Adnan Hodzic

Now many of people will just go as … blah whatever not worth it or whatever. They might be right or might not, this is what I think.

Scary Movie 4 is mostly rated as a not really good movie. You could say “See it” and that’s it. Ok I’m fan of parodies of all sort, I’m fan of humor. I’m fan of Scary Movie basically. But if you compare Scary Movie 1 and Scary Movie 4 I’d say Scary Movie 4 is better.

Why this why that blah blah. Why?

Cuz Scary Movie 1 movies didnt need a parody really, they were horrible movies, and really didnt need Scary Movie to say that. To make you stupid or something like “Oh I thought this movie is good”. 4th part, oh well as first as I heard it’s making parodies of everything even blockbusters, I told myself I have to see it.

Hollywood … I cannot remember they had worse movies then 2005, horrible, I’m not even watching Hollywood movies since then, I’m switching to European movies which are absolutely wonderful. Hell I’m switching to Bosnian movies, which are in fact best movies on Balkans now.

Anyways, even tho 2005 movies were parodies itself … That really wasnt the effect. Most of the people are going down to that “standard”. It’s just you’re a freaking folk fan and I put you down and play you dozens of Slayer albums. After 3-4 one you’ll start liking it actually. At least if not liking it you’ll find at least something interesting.

So what I’m trying to say is that Scary Movie 4 was needed to put you down and say “Get real”, just like Dr. Phil in the movie :) Characters are absolutely wonderfull, dialogs are completely inredible “I think I saw a face? Does it have a nose? Yea … It does look like a face” I mean you really have to be something to come up with something like that.

You may not like Scary Movie 4 for following reasons:

You have no idea what movies they are talking about cuz you havent seen it or cuz Scary Movie 4 now actually has a … plot … yea which is mostly based on a thing called “War of the worlds” but TriPod”

Again I cant say SM4 is “You gotta see” but it’s definetely something you shouldnt miss. I have of course seen much better, but lets give it some kind of support. Even tho if it’s downloaded from Piratebay :) So stop saying it’s crap it’s crap you’re stupid for watching it.

SM4 is not about giggling whole movie, it’s about laughters.

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